In New York We……….

rode our bikes all around Central Park

paid our respects at Strawberry Fields a memorial to John Lennon

got chills studying the painting of Salome and John the Baptist’s Head by Andrea Solario at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

imagined we were taking part in a session at the UN

took a break in beautiful Bryant Park

stopped to admire the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim

waved to the Statue of Liberty

viewed the city from the top of the Empire State building

ate turkey and pastrami sandwiches and chicken noodle soup at Katz’s

strolled through China Town

took a picture of ourselves on the giant screen in Times Square ( we are on the left of the sign)

let a delectable praline souffle melt in our mouth at Capsouto Fieres

discovered a Canadian icon

pretended we were kids at the Museum of Modern Art admired the athletic prowress of the cheerleaders at Barclay’s Center at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game

In New York we had a very good time. 

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