Chicago Road Trip

We have just arrived in Chicago and are settling in to our lovely bed and breakfast. We are staying at Joy’s Joy an obviously well-loved Victorian house on a tree- lined street. Here’s a photo of our room the Oak Room. 

Road Conditions
Not good from Winnipeg to Morris, snow-covered and slippery, luckily steady-as-she-goes Dave was at the wheel and I felt completely safe. Roads after Morris were great. Joy had sent us easy to follow directions and we found her place easily. Lots of traffic from Minneapolis to Chicago–no doubt people returning home after the Thanksgiving weekend. 


We listened to the first twelve chapters of the audio version of the new Steve Jobs biography. What a colorful personality he was!  I will probably do another post about the book later but one thing that strikes me so far is that his parents were saints. They never gave up on him, even when he kept getting suspended from high school, they found out he was using drugs and he dropped out of college after they had scrimped and saved to send him there. They kept welcoming him home even when he refused to take a bath or cut his hair, refused to wear shoes, insisted on eating only vegetarian food and disappeared in India for months.  They let him turn their house and garage into a production factory for the first computer he built. They believed in the boy they had adopted, no matter what! What good examples they are to parents everywhere. 


Burke’s Diner in Morris Manitoba for breakfast- friendly service and actually made my poached eggs just the way I like them.
JL Beers in Fargo, North Dakota. Super cheap and delicious burgers and 51 kinds of beer. Named top restaurant in Fargo last year.

Went to a Mexican restaurant here in Chicago tonight. They had all these huge colorful paintings decorating the restaurant including this one of Frida Kahlo. Our waiters name was Alejandro and he was very helpful. 

Great food! We shared a hearts of palm salad, a tortilla soup, some chicken empanadas and hot chocolate cake with ice-cream, chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries and pineapples. 

I read So Big by Edna Ferber a 1924 Pulitzer Prize winner set in Chicago. Throughly enjoyed it. The theme of the book is the pursuit of beauty and passion in life versus the pursuit of money. Very strong female characters. A book that was definitely ahead of its time, and an excellent read. The main character Selina is enamored with Chicago and spends the later part of her life exploring it whenever she can. 

Discussion Topics

What is the thrill of hunting?  Passed by many cars with dead deer strapped to the back and trucks and trailers with dead deer on them.

What things do we want to see in Chicago? 

Should our family do a gift exchange at Christmas or give money to charity instead? 


Stayed in Fargo the first night and went to watch the North Dakota State University play an exhibition game against Fresno State in Fargo.  North Dakota State won handily. People in North Dakota take their college basketball pretty seriously.  A bit nostalgic. A trip to the US to watch basketball was a traditional winter excursion for our family when our boys were growing up. 

What next? Tomorrow we are going to do some sightseeing and have lunch with Rosana Lai, one of our Hong Kong students who is at Northwestern University here in Chicago. 

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