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Exercise is a Celebration

Cycling with family in Germany last year

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you eat.

The other day that quote was on the white board at the gym where I work out.  It is so true.  I have been following the blog of Dr. Yoni Freedhoff for several years now.  He makes it clear in blog posts like this one   and this one that exercise does not make you lose weight, only good food choices can do that. But as Dr. Freedhoff likes to emphasize exercise is the single best thing you can do to have a healthy body. 

Golfing with family in Leamington, Ontario

Exercise can help you sleep better, make you less anxious and more positive, improve the appearance of your skin, strengthen the density of your bones so you are less likely to break them, give you more energy, enhance brain function and memory, reduce chronic pain and boost your sex drive. 

Wilderness hiking with my students in Hong Kong.

For much of my life I did look at exercise as a punishment for what I ate and I have to say that learning from Dr. Freedhoff that food and exercise aren’t connected actually has made me enjoy exercise a whole lot more.  

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. 

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Weighty Matters

riding bike in central parkI’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy weight since I was a teenager, so I’ve been an avid reader of all kinds of material related to diet and exercise and weight loss.  Research is constantly unearthing new things about how our genes, activity, environment and food consumption impact our weight.  How to keep up with it all?  I’ve found a blog that offers a short, daily post with good, thought-provoking information about diet and nutrition. It’s called Weighty Matters and is authored by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. 

I’ve been reading Dr. Freedhoff’s blog ever since and here are just five of the many interesting things I’ve learned in recent weeks.

dave and marylou on the red river1) While exercise can make you a whole lot healthier physically, emotionally and mentally it doesn’t really help you lose weight. 

2) Fruits and vegetables aren’t equals. Fruits have way more calories, but are still a far better food choice than many other things.

3) Low calorie sweeteners have gotten a bad rap but in the end they are probably healthier for you than always eating the real thing. 

Enjoying grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and lavish bread in an outdoor cafe

Enjoying grilled chicken, grilled vegetables and lavish bread in an outdoor cafe in Lviv Ukraine

4) There are many different ways to lose weight and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. BUT the only way to be truly successful  and maintain your weight loss is if you LIKE AND ENJOY the lifestyle and diet you use to lose weight ENOUGH so that you can keep on living that way forever. 

5) Environmental changes can make a difference.  A chain of British supermarkets has removed all candy from their checkout lanes. Loblaws in Canada is experimenting with this as well and Indigo Books has removed all candy from checkout areas. ( I have a weakness for buying M&M’s in the checkout line)

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