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They’d Never Heard of Woodstock

exchange district concert line upMy husband and I were standing in line on Sunday evening to hear Winnipeg band Royal Canoe. The show was a make-up performance for an outdoor event that had been cancelled the day before due to pouring rain. We started chatting with the young couple just behind us. We asked  if they’d been at the rained out event. They had.  My husband remarked that seeing all those music fans getting soaked in the rain had reminded him of Woodstock. The couple nodded and smiled politely.

I said, “Honey I don’t think they know what Woodstock is.” 

“You’ve never heard of Woodstock?” my husband asked. 

They hadn’t.  “Do you know who Joe Cocker is?” They shook their heads. “Joan Baez?” I asked. “Crosby, Stills and Nash?” my husband wondered. They shook their heads. 

My husband told them briefly about Woodstock, the famous 1969 weekend music festival where hundreds of thousands of attendees got soaked in the rain.  The young people listened politely and then went back to checking their phones. 

“Honey we’re old,” I whispered as the line began to move towards the Union Sound Hall entrance. 

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