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Peggo- Keeping Up with Hong Kong

pegoo-cardI got my peggo card this week. I ride Winnipeg Transit a fair bit especially in the winter and now instead of buying bus tickets or depositing coins I will be paying my fares from a card connected to my credit card with an electronic chip. 

octopus card hong kongI’ve had lots of practice using an electronic method to pay for public transportation because during my six years in Hong Kong I had an Octopus Card which worked almost exactly the same way as peggo and allowed me to ride ferries, buses, trains and street cars. Hong Kong has been using Octopus cards since 1997.  

Winnipeg is only twenty years behind the times!

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Letter To The Editor

Winnipeg is proposing some changes to its laws about acceptable behavior for bus riders using the city’s transit system. These proposed changes were outlined in a recent news story in the Free Press.  Since I am a frequent rider of city buses I wrote a letter to the editor of the paper giving a suggestion for making one of the proposed changes more effective. It was published on July 9 and can be read on the Have Your Say page. 

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