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Trying to Become A Winnipeg Jets Fan

About a week before the Jets clinched a 2019 NHL playoff spot I decided it was maybe time I took a little more interest in my hometown team.  Although I’ve been to an occasional Jets game and I confess I did get a little caught up in all the playoff hoopla in Winnipeg last year, NHL hockey just isn’t really a passionate interest of mine.  

With my sister at a Jets game

But……….. my husband shares Jets season tickets with friends and is a dedicated fan. My younger son is a walking encyclopedia of Jets information.  My brother and his family all LOVE the team.  My sister and her husband are ringside regulars at the MTS Centre. Even my ninety year old father, who never really had much interest in sports when I was growing up, faithfully watches the team on television.  And I had noticed lately many of my female friends were extremely knowledgeable about the Jets and liked to talk about them.  So with a good chance that my city was soon to go white and wild again, I figured I should maybe get in on the action in a more informed way.  

Watching a Jets playoff game last year with my brother and sister-in-law

I decided I would read one newspaper article a day about the Jets and I would pick one player to follow and take a special interest in.  I was amazed how my one article a day habit made it possible for me to chime in on conversations about the Jets.  I could now be part of the speculation about when Byfuglien and Morrissey would return from their injuries, whether coach Paul Maurice had what it took to take the Jets all the way, and if there was some friction in the Jets dressing room that was being kept under raps. 

It wasn’t as easy to pick a player to follow but I looked at some stats, watched some interviews, read some articles and settled on Kyle Connor.  I liked the way his family supported him.  I loved how his Dad had built these hockey rinks in the backyard for Kyle and his brothers and how his father shared his love of hockey with his kids. Kyle says he learned to have fun and be creative with the puck fooling around on those backyard rinks. Kyle wasn’t a one sport wonder either.  He was a gifted and coordinated athlete who played golf, baseball, football and basketball before honing in on hockey. I liked a quote I read where his Dad said the thing he loved most was seeing the smile on Kyle’s face when he played hockey and the great camaraderie he enjoyed with his teammates. 

kyle connor's family

Kyle Connor with his family

I think what clinched my selection of Kyle was watching an interview with his Mom, brother Jacob and sister Krystal.  Jacob talked about how his brother is rarely in the penalty box but rather out scoring goals.  Krystal said how proud she is of her big brother and Mom Kathy recalled how terribly hard it had been for her when Kyle left their home in Michigan at age 15 to play junior hockey in another state.  Kyle sounded like an all round nice kid from a really nice family.  

By March 20th my plan to follow the Jets was in full swing.  I was reading articles and following Kyle every game. That interest was rewarded mightily on March 23 when the Jets clinched a playoff spot in a game against the Nashville Predators and my Kyle had an assist and a  HAT TRICK!! 

The NHL playoffs start this Wednesday here in Winnipeg and although I may not be as gung ho a fan as some of my family and friends I will at least be an informed and interested observer. 

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Jets Fever

You know Jets Fever has overtaken Winnipeg leo mol tree children jetswhen iconic sculptures like Leo Mol’s Tree Children are adorned with Winnipeg Jets shirts and………..

watching the jetswhen a woman like me who doesn’t really follow hockey dresses up in a We Are Winnipeg white out shirt and watches a whole game.  

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We Were Trying To Sleep

white noiseWinnipeggers know how to party hearty that’s for sure!  We live in the Exchange District and it wasn’t easy to get to sleep last night what with the horns honking and the people shouting.  The corner of Portage and Main lines up almost directly with our front door so we were treated to some of the noise and hoopla of enthusiastic Winnipeg Jets fans celebrating the fact that their home team had made it to the playoffs. Click the logo below to see some video coverage of the festivities from Global News. 

I’m thinking that if the Jets win the Stanley Cup we might have to book into a hotel in another part of the city for the night.

*And just to clarify. The photo of my husband Dave was not taken last night at the celebrations but several years ago when we watched the premiere of a movie called White Noise.  Our son was a featured music performer on the soundtrack.   

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My First Winnipeg Jets Game

I went to my first Winnipeg Jets game tonight at the MTS Centre. The Jets were playing the Buffalo Sabres. It was certainly a unique experience to be part of the hockey crazy crowd.  Winnipeg is known for having the loudest, most passionate fans in the National Hockey League.

It isn’t easy to get a ticket to see the Jets. The games are sold out for the next three years, but we were fortunate enough to be at the MTS Centre as the guest of Buffalo Sabre player Robyn Regehr.

We received the tickets from Robyn through a family connection. I felt badly that the Buffalo Sabres lost the game, since Robyn had been kind enough to get us tickets. But it sure was exciting to see the crowd go wild when the Jets scored their three goals.  Buffalo only scored one. 

Our seats were excellent and I really felt like I was part of the action on the ice. The game went by very quickly. They show all kinds of special features on the huge screen above the ice between periods. I enjoyed one about two Winnipeg Jets going to a public school to read books to kids during I Love To Read week and another where forward Jim Slater goes to work with a French horn player from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and gets a chance to conduct the orchestra. The crowd applauded long and loud when the screen revealed that former Winnipeg Jet Dale Hawerchuk was in the stands.

I was glad Dave was at the game with me to explain things like….. the reason the crowd shouts out the words TRUE NORTH during the singing of Canada’s national anthem. This is because the True North corporation owns the Winnipeg Jets.  At one point during the game everyone was chanting GST.  In Canada this stands for Goods and Services Tax but at a Jets’ game it refers to three players Glass, Slater and Thorburn who form a powerful goal scoring line for the team.  After Winnipeg scored a goal the crowd was shouting in a sing-song sort of way MILLER over and over. Dave explained Miller was the name of the Sabres goalie and the fans were taunting him for letting in a Jets’ goal. Well known fan Dancing Gabe was there and that was one thing Dave didn’t have to explain. I’d met Gabe when I went to the premiere of a movie about the Jets called White Noise. Our son wrote and performed the music for the movie. 

The Jets are the ‘talk of the town’ in Winnipeg. I’m glad I got to experience Jets’ mania for one evening. Thanks Robyn and Ben and Marlie too for arranging it. 

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