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Wanted! Contingency Plans

We were late and we knew it!

 “I thought you two might have gotten lost or hurt on the mountain,” Dave said when we finally found him.

Last weekend Dave was playing in a baseball tournament with his team The Coral Sands Castaways.  My brother and I dropped him off at the ball park and drove to a nearby recreation area to hike the Wind Cave Trail.

I’d hiked it once before and didn’t think it would take us that long.  We had arranged to pick Dave up at the Coral Sands Trailer Court after the game where he and his teammates would retire to a picnic area for refreshments after their hard work on the diamond. 

Starting our hike in good spirits

We started our hike in good spirits

My brother and I started off down the trail in good spirits, but soon a burst of rain, then thunder and finally lightening forced us to turn back.  hiking-in-red-shirtAfter waiting in the car for about thirty minutes, the sun came out and we decided to give the hike another try.  I thought we still had plenty of time.  We didn’t!  hiking-to-wind-caves-2The trail was much longer than I’d thought, a little slippery because of the rain and pretty steep near the end.  resting-in-the-wind-caveBy the time we reached the wind caves at the top I looked at my watch and knew we were going to be at least a half hour late picking up Dave and we’d really have to push ourselves to get off the trail before dark.  We went as fast as we could on the downward trip even though two more cloud bursts pretty much soaked us and it was getting cold. 

When we arrived at the trailer court to pick up Dave it was pitch dark, raining and there were no ball players sitting at picnic tables anywhere. How would we find Dave?  He hadn’t given us a trailer number, he didn’t have his phone and we didn’t even know the last names of any of his team mates who lived in the trailer court.  So we drove slowly up and down the streets looking for other cars with Canadian licence plates since we knew Dave’s fellow players were Canadians like us. Finally my brother heard someone shouting, “Stop” and “Hey there”.  It was Dave.  He’d been looking out the window of one of the trailers and had seen us drive by.  

He wasn’t very happy we were so late and had been worried we’d had an accident.  We were cold and wet and not that happy to be facing a forty minute ride home in that state so it was pretty quiet till we got back to our house where a hot supper of Dave’s homemade chili and a couple glasses of wine set things to rights. 

ken-marylou-hike-hieroglyhpic-trailThe next hike my brother and I took was to the Hieroglyphic Trail and we made sure after dropping Dave off at the golf course for 18 holes with his friend Eric to give ourselves plenty of time to get to the trail, hike it, and be back to pick Dave up on time. It was a beautiful sunny day and the hike was great. But wouldn’t you know it we had another snafu with pick up because Dave hitched a ride home with his friend Eric and we didn’t know that and sat waiting at the golf course for him for 45 minutes. By 7:00 however we were all around the table enjoying barbequed pork loin and roasted portebello mushrooms my brother served up from the grill. We ended the day in the hot tub!

Since we only have one car and are each doing our own thing during some of our time here in Arizona and since our phones only work where there is wifi, Dave has suggested we probably need contingency plans whenever we need to rendezvous. I think he is probably right. 

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