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The West End Cultural Centre

mike koop free pass front pageThat’s a former student of mine!  Mike Koop was my grade one student many, many years ago.  I remember how full of energy he was and how he often had something very important to tell me.  Mike, who is a professional musician was featured on the front page of Saturday’s Winnipeg Free Press to illustrate a great story about the history of the West End Cultural Centre.  It was so interesting to read about all the people who have given selflessly of their time and energy and money to found and then keep this cultural hub of Winnipeg’s music industry growing. 

wiki commons photoMy husband is one of those people since he volunteers regularly at the West End Cultural Centre helping to take tickets, usher or sell merchandise at events. We attend concerts there often and I love the different ways the venue is used to showcase all kinds of musical experiences.

Just a few weeks ago we were there to see jazz musician Amber Epp (a former student of my husband’s) perform her versions of all the songs on Joni Mitchell’s album Blue

am-i-not-kingLast December our son’s band Royal Canoe provided the music for an intriguing version of Shakespeare’s Richard II called Am I Not King? It was performed at the West End Cultural Centre. The production is nominated for six awards at the upcoming Winnipeg Theatre Awards event taking place at The West End Cultural Centre on November 12.  

Garden City Collegiate Jazz Vocal Group directed by my daughter-in-law

Last June within one week I heard a concert by 70-year-old Canadian musician Valdy at the West End Cultural Centre and attended a wonderful show of jazz music performed by teenagers from the Seven Oaks School Division. 

One of my favorite shows at the West End was The Last Waltz A Celebration of The Band.  I could sing along with almost every number. 

As the headline in the Winnipeg Free Press said….  the music really does live on at the West End Cultural Centre. 

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What A Great Concert

We saw The Last Waltz: A Musical Celebration of The Band Live at the West End Cultural Centre here in Winnipeg on Wednesday night. What a great show! My husband Dave who grew up in Ontario where The Band orginated is a huge fan. He brought along his Music From the Big Pink  LP when we got married and moved into our first tiny apartment.  I’ve been hearing the music of The Band played in our home and car for forty years and of course we’ve watched the The Last Waltz the movie made by director Martin Scorcese during the farewell concert of The Band during which many great musicians performed.   At Wednesday’s concert the performers covering the musical numbers from The Last Waltz did a terrific job.  In particular a young man named Matthew Weidinger from Kitchener, Ontario was outstanding.  His cover of Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Released had the crowd on their feet and the people I attended with all agreed he’d done a better job than Dylan ever did of the song. 

last waltzI know this clearly illustrates how old I am but during the CBC special broadcast of the Tragically Hip final concert I only recognized one song, while at the Last Waltz show I could sing along with most of them including The Weight, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, Up on Cripple Creek, Rag Mama Rag, Who Do You Love and Helpless.  Fortunately I was in good company on Wednesday night. Most of the people in the crowd were my age and everyone was singing along!  Good times!

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