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Fire Trucks At the Wedding

We attended a wedding in Toronto on Saturday.  The groom Jon was a former student of Dave’s and was also a member of the highschool basketball team Dave coached in Hong Kong. Jon was one of the student participants in a school trip to Israel I chaperoned.  

Having lunch in Toronto with Jon on one of our visits to the city

During previous visits to Toronto, we have caught up with Jon over lunch or at a Jays game.

Dave with Jon and another former student Ivan at a Blue Jays game

Jon is off to Berkley University in California this fall to get a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology.

Cool photos of the bride and groom decorated the wedding reception venue

We had met Jon’s bride Marijke the last time we saw Jon in Toronto.

Timothy Eaton Church in Toronto where the wedding was held. 

We were delighted to be invited to Jon and Marijke’s  wedding in the historic Timothy Eaton Memorial Church. The church was built over a hundred years ago. The wedding was lovely and after the service, we were invited to enjoy some ice cream from one of the ice cream trucks parked outside. Then we took a cab over to a unique gallery-style event site for the reception.

The bride poses with some friends who helped usher us outside when the fire alarm went off

During the cocktail hour, while we were enjoying some amazing appetizers, the fire alarm went off. Dave and I were chatting with an interesting couple our age who were former Hong Kong residents and now worked as bankers in Toronto. Like the other guests, at first we just ignored the alarm, but then members of the wedding party urged us to head outside. As we sat on the curbs and hung around in the parking lot three fire trucks pulled up sirens blaring.  The firefighters headed into the building and after a few minutes came back out telling us it was safe to return to the reception.  Apparently, someone had been smoking on the premises and that had set off the alarms.  Dave was pleased Jon the groom came over for a chat. He thanked us for coming to the wedding.

This lovely watercolor of the bride and groom was on the front of the thank you postcards each guest received at their table. They informed us that the couple had donated money in our name to an association in Toronto that promotes health and happiness for members of the LGBTQ2S community and to another association in Hong Kong that teaches children about Cantonese opera

We didn’t know anyone at the wedding except for the bride and groom but had interesting conversations with our tablemates at the reception.  Dave sat beside a professor who is writing a book about the American novelist Flannery O’Connor and I sat beside a British Columbia lawyer whose son just happens to be married to the daughter of a British Columbia lawyer who was a college classmate of ours.

The bride and groom having their first dance together as a married couple

We had never been at a wedding with fire trucks before although the experience did remind us of our niece Hannah’s September long weekend wedding many years ago when emergency responders showed up after a tornado hit the tent where the reception was being held. Those kinds of surprises may not be what married couples plan for at their weddings but they certainly do make them memorable. bride and groom

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44 Years

anniversaryWe had fun celebrating our anniversary with a dinner party yesterday. After my sister lit the candles on the cool cake she brought to the party, Dave and I even sang the chorus of a song from our wedding ceremony. On that hot August day in 1973 it was performed by the beautiful voice of my childhood friend and college classmate Lynette accompanied on guitar by my cousin Al and my brother Ken.  I was only nineteen when we got married and I loved the tune to Greensleeves so I wrote new words for it for the occasion. The chorus went like this…….

May God bless you and bless the love

Which binds you now together

May God bless you and bring you joy

Forever and forever. 

anniversary cakeOf course I know now marriage isn’t always filled with joy.  There are difficult challenges and conflicts and sad times too, but forty- four years later I am very appreciative of just how much happiness, fun, love and adventure marriage has brought to my life.  As the song suggests Dave and I have been very blessed. 

Our anniversary party ended with popping a bottle of champagne and sharing it with our guests on our roof top patio. It was a lovely evening!

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Words of Wisdom on a Wine Bottle

wedding bower from birchbarkWe were at a wedding on Saturday and signature bottles of wine were served with the meal. The bride and groom had chosen a quote from the song The End from The Beatles Abbey Road album for the label on each bottle. 

wedding wineAnd in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. 

It was a perfect choice in my mind. We get out of relationships what we put into them whether that’s a relationship with our parent, our child, our friend or our marriage partner. 

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Dave Meets Rose

dave and roseOur friends Bryan and Emily just adopted a little girl named Rose. This was our first time meeting her. We sat behind her at the wedding we attended in Kansas City.  At first Rose was a little shy.  But Dave’s magic touch with children quickly won her over. dave and rose
dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave and rose

dave rose

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Two Trees and A Marriage

wedding 1973About a month before our wedding in 1973 we were out at the family cottage at Moose Lake with my Uncle Dave and Aunt Margaret. We went to the north end of the lake to dig out some tiny pine trees to plant on the front yard of the cottage. Uncle Dave said he would plant two of them close together in honor of our upcoming marriage.

I took these photos of the trees when I was out at the cottage a few weeks ago. pine treesAt the top, the two trees are separated and can still be identified individually.pine tree At the bottom, however, the two trunks have grown so close together they’ve become like one trunk.

Let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you-Khalil Gibran

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Minneapolis-ICS Hong Kong Wedding-Part 4

the ics gangYesterday I wrote a post about our friends’ Daniel and Rebekah’s wedding. One of the great things about that wedding was the opportunity it gave us to reunite with friends we had made during the six years we taught in Hong Kong. Rebekah and Daniel requested all their friends from their Hong Kong days take a photo with them. cami and emilyHere I’m in the reception tent with my former teaching colleagues Emily and Cami. Cami is back in Hong Kong working as an elementary school counsellor  after teaching stints in Vietnam and Korea. Emily a former middle school teacher is the Mom of two young boys and hosts a creative, crafty and very successful blog. dave and cathDave with Cath a former colleague who was also the pianist for our singing group at the wedding. We attended Cath’s wedding reception in Colorado last year.   Cath is from New Zealand and is currently teaching first grade at ICS.  We gained a whole new appreciation for her sense of humor and fun during the wedding weekend.with camiDave and me with our friend Cami. We taught with Cami from 2003-2005 and made a memorable trip to Yangshou China with her during which Cami’s suitcase was absconded by a less than honest taxi driver. marylou carmenCarmen was a student in two of my high school English classes in Hong Kong. Carmen is now studying nursing at Calvin College.advanced comp classIn this picture with my  Advanced Composition class in Hong Kong Carmen is standing right beside me in the flowered dress.angkor watCarmen is on my right in Angkor Wat on a school trip.
chillin outDave hanging out in the church with two of our former high school colleagues Jon and Daniel.  We taught with Jon for several years. He is a college counselor at ICS now.  After leaving ICS Daniel taught in Los Angeles before moving to Minneapolis to marry Rebekah. at the pschorrsDave and Jon in Hong Kong enjoying one of the amazing meals we used to have at  Betty and Conrad Pschorrs’ house. Their daughter was our student. dave and jon hainanDave and Jon ready to hit the links on Hainan Island in China. Check out their brightly clad caddies riding in the back.

chaperones cambodiaDaniel and I were co-chaperones on a trip to Cambodia in 2011. emily and michelleEmily and Michelle. Michelle is a science teacher at ICS in Hong Kong and Emily is a teacher in Denver. Emily and her husband are just finishing the building of a new home and are expecting a baby in December.quiz nightEmily and Michelle were part of our  quiz night team in Hong Kong. funny facesDave makes funny faces for Max and Jack Thompson while Emily their mother looks on. dave making facesDave with our friend Bryan who is the middle school principal at ICS and Max and Jack’s Dad. thompson familyThe boys are so big already. 

dave and jack Here is Dave in Hong Kong holding Jack when he was just a baby. me and jackJack and me having fun at a beach side restaurant in Hong Kong.dave reads to jack

Dave reads to Jack in Hong Kong.max and meI meet baby Max for the first time.cath and the van normsCath chats with former colleagues Jack and Julie. Jack was a middle school teacher at ICS and Julie was the school nurse. They lived in our Hong Kong apartment one summer when we were visiting family back in Canada.with mikeDave and me with Mike Ross another former colleague who is a music teacher at ICS in Hong Kong.dave mike tadMike and Dave and our friend Tad sample what’s on tap at a Colorado micro-bewery last summer.me cath michelle

Me, Michelle and Cath- the female musicians in the Hong Kong Friends singing group. michelle cuts cakeMichelle loves to bake and I found this photo of her at our gang’s favourite corner restaurant in Tai Wai village in Hong Kong  as she’s

pineapple upside down cake cutting a pineapple upside down cake she made especially for Dave’s birthday  dinner because she knew it was his favorite kind of cake.  Check out how she’s even made his initials DAD in the cake with pineapple. dave emily tad michelleDave with Emily, Tad and Michelle.south china sea boat tripEmily and me and fellow teachers out on the South China Sea on a boat we rented for the day.dinner with meena's family Dave and me and Tad and our fellow travelers the Burnetts visiting our colleague Meena’s family in Delhi India.dave, tad , daniel at xmas party Tad and Dave and Daniel at a Christmas party in Hong Kong.fort whyte nature centre lobbyDave introducing Tad to a Manitoba bison when Tad came to visit us in Winnipeg.

wedding picAs we were going through the receiving line Rebekah’s Mom thanked Dave and me for being Rebekah’s Hong Kong parents. dave rebekah meI’m not sure if that was true but we certainly loved her and thought the world of her and were so happy to be at her wedding. Here we are out for an evening of fun in Hong Kong.dave rebekah gradDave and Rebekah ready for a graduation ceremony at ICS.

english department icsRebekah and me and our English teaching colleagues at ICS in Hong Kong. dave and rebekahDave and Rebekah last year in Colorado. getting ready for pictureI wonder who will get married next summer so we can all get together again?

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Minneapolis-ICS Hong Kong Wedding- Part 3

Saturday was the wedding of our friends Daniel and Rebekah. It was pouring rain as we made the one hour drive from Minneapolis to the Valley Grove Church for the wedding, but just as we arrived……at the church the sun broke through the clouds and it was a perfect afternoon and evening for the ceremony and reception. The Valley Grove Church where the wedding took place is a registered historical site. The two buildings on the grounds were constructed in 1862 and 1894. The church however is of significance to Rebekah and Daniel because they got engaged by the tree on the  grounds that you can see right behind Dave and me. We arrived at the church early to rehearse with our friends Tad and Michelle and Cath. We made up a singing group Rebekah and Daniel called Hong Kong Friends on their wedding program and we sang the hymn  Speak O Lord during the service. After the service people were asking if we’d ever sung together before but I said only at karaoke places in Hong Kong. The service included scripture reading by one of Rebekah’s friends, a homily by a friend of Daniel’s from California, singing of the hymn For the Beauty of the Earth, prayers by Daniel and Rebekah’s parents, our Hong Kong Friends song and a blessing and closing prayer by Rebekah’s brother-in-law who is a Minneapolis pastor. The homily told the story of Rebekah and Daniel’s romance and also included a description of all the things Rebekah loves and appreciates about Daniel and a list of all the things Daniel loves and appreciates about Rebekah. 

The church was beautifully decorated with arrangements of wildflowers. Many came from a special garden Rebekah’s Dad had seeded this year so there would be plenty of flowers for his daughter’s wedding. 

Daniel and his groomsmen wait for the arrival of the bride on her father’s arm. Daniel and Rebekah say their vows to one another. The rings are exchanged while Rebekah’s friend Brooke who was one of her bridesmaids looks on. I’ve never seen a bride as happy as Rebekah. She actually laughed out loud with joy during the service. Daniel looks pretty happy too. After the ceremony, we were served watermelon and lemonade outside. While Daniel and Rebekah greeted their guests at the front door. All the friends and relatives in attendance were photographed in families. We each had to write a special message to Daniel and Rebekah on a chalkboard before having our photo taken for a pictorial guest book. Dave wrote GO WINNIPEG JETS on our chalkboard

and invited Daniel and Rebekah to come and visit us in Winnipeg. 

Dave with the pastor and two groomsmen.

There was time for lots of visiting before

 we all moved over to a tent that had been set up on the grounds and after Rebekah’s father had said gracewe dug into a great meal of pulled pork, spare ribs, broccoli salad, cornbread, cheese rounds with a spicy topping, cucumber salad and all kinds of tangy pickles.The bridal couple was certainly very happy. After the meal there was more time for visiting before we moved into the older church building for rhubarb, apple or berry pie with homemade ice-cream and Rebekah’s sister and bridesmaid Molly, and Daniel’s groomsman and friend Mike gave toasts to the couple. Daniel and Rebekah thanked us all for coming

and invited each family to take home a basket of fresh berries they had picked just for us. Then the couple changed their clothes and walked down a path to their car while the guests threw rose petals and paper hearts on them. The newlyweds got into their  car and we all waved good-bye to Rebekah and Daniel as they started down the road of their married life together. 

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Minneapolis-ICS Hong Kong Wedding- Part 2

minneapolis art instituteDave and I are in Minneapolis to attend the wedding of our friends Rebekah and Daniel. We started our second day in the city with a visit to the Art Institute. Dave and our friend Jon had booked an early morning round at the golf course but unfortunately it was pouring rain when their tee off time arrived so they couldn’t go. The art gallery was my Plan B suggestion for the morning.  By 11 o’clock when we pulled into our parking spot at the Minneapolis Art Institute the sun had come out and it was a beautiful day. sign outside minneapolis art instituteDave and I are always surprised to see signs like this on public buildings in the United States. You don’t see them in Canada because so few people carry or own guns. We spent a couple of hours in the art gallery which is amazing and FREE. We will definitely need to make a return visit when we have more time.hazelsAfter our gallery tour we went back to the house to pick up our friend Jon and head out for lunch at a nearby eatery called Hazel’s. jon marylouIt was great to catch up with Jon who we hadn’t seen since we attended his wedding reception last year in Colorado. vililage grove churchThen we headed out to the Valley Grove Church about an hour from Minneapolis where the wedding rehearsal was taking place.dave cathDave and I are singing at the wedding along with our friends Tad and Michelle so we had arrived early to rehearse. Here Dave chats with Cath who is serving as the accompanist for our quartet.beautiful flowersCath had spent the afternoon at the church helping Rebekah the bride and her attendants make the many beautiful flower arrangements that decorated the church.wedding rehearsalWe gathered on the front porch of the church where Daniel the groom filled us in on how the rehearsal would go and the order of the ceremony. The rehearsal was lots of fun.wedding rehearsal

wedding rehearsal

wedding rehearsal


After the rehearsal was over we headed back into Minneapolis for the wedding rehearsal dinner hosted by the groom’s parents Marilyn and Jerry at the Wilde Roast Cafe.dave and jonIt was in a beautiful location right on the Mississippi River.

coupleWe had a great meal and the bridal couple as well as all the rest of the guests were visibly touched and entertained during the speeches by both Daniel and Rebekah’s fathers, by Tad who is Daniel’s groomsman, and by Brooke who is Rebekah’s bridesmaid. Honestly they were two of the best toasts to a bride and groom I’ve ever heard. coupleAt the end of the evening all the guys headed off to another establishment for a men’s only party in Daniel’s honor. Cath and I drove back to the house together. Between her phone and my GPS we did a pretty good job of navigating the streets of Minneapolis in the dark.  

We were off to bed since tomorrow was the big wedding day. I fell asleep right away and didn’t even hear Dave when he came home.

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Minneapolis- ICS Hong Kong Wedding- Part 1

daniel and rebekahOn Thursday we drove down to Minneapolis for the wedding festivities of our friends and fellow Hong Kong teaching colleagues Daniel and Rebekah. house in minneapolisWe are staying in this beautiful old house we rented with our friends Tad, Mike, Cath and Jon. welcome basketWe arrived to find this lovely welcome basket from Rebekah and Daniel filled with wine, fruit, candy, nuts, and coffee.hong kong postcardTucked into the basket was a Hong Kong postcardpostcardAnd a special message from Daniel and Rebekah thanking us for coming to Minneapolis for their wedding. tad and daveAfter spending some time catching up, visiting, sampling some of the delicious chocolate chip cookies Mike’s Mom had sent along…..loft bedroomand settling into our cozy attic bedroom …..chinese restaurantwe set off for a Chinese restaurant called The Tea House where we met our Hong Kong friends already in town and some of Daniel’s family from California for supper. chinese foodOur friend Michelle did an expert job of ordering for the whole table.chinese dinnerWe pretty much cleaned out all the plates except for a couple take home cartons we brought back to the house for Jon and Cath whose plane was late so they missed the dinner.tea houseIt was nice to meet some of Daniel’s family and his parents’ very generous friends paid for the meal for everyone. THANK YOU!

Dave left for the airport after supper to pick up Jon and Cath and then after catching up over those nice bottles of wine in the gift basket we headed for bed. 

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