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hiking-down-to-the-waterfallIn Uvita we did a hike to a wonderful waterfall. waterfall uvitaWhen we first arrived we were the only ones thereswimming-in-the-fallsSo we quickly shed our clothes and got into the water.costa-rican-familyIt wasn’t long before a large Costa Rican family joined us. practicing-englishThe father was very insistent that his teenage daughter have a conversation with Dave to practice her English. She asked good questions. english-practiceHere Dave is describing the cold and snow of Winnipeg to her. 

hiking-up-the-river-bedAfter swimming for quite a long time we hiked up the river bed to a smaller waterfall and pool. should-he-jumpDave contemplated whether or not he should jump from the high rocks at the sidedave-jumping-into-waterfallThere he goes!

good-landingGood landing!waterfall-spaWhere the water rushed over the rocks there was a little cradle in the stones where you could lie down, put your ears under the water and the spray whirled around you like you were in a hot tub at a spa. waterfall-spa-daveAll the outside noise was blocked out except for the sound of the water. It was blissful!floating at the waterfallFloating in that lovely cool pool in the Costa Rican heatsky-as-i-floatedand staring up at the sky and clouds through the trees was sooooooooo relaxing. hike-to-smaller-poolIt was hard to leave and begin the rocky trek home. 

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