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Hong Kong House Guests

marylou and meenaOur Hong Kong friends Meena and Anil  spent the last four days as our house guests.  By a serendipitous “it’s a small world” coincidence Meena and Anil’s son lives and works in Winnipeg now. They were here to visit him and their daughter-in-law.  We hosted Meena and Anil in summer when they came for their son’s wedding. This time they were busy doing things with their children so we mostly had our visits over breakfast and late in the evening. It was lovely to catch up and reminisce. Dave and I were in a book club with Meena for six years in Hong Kong and she was my colleague in the English department at the international school where we taught. With their son here in the city we’re pretty sure we can look forward to seeing Meena and Anil again. They are the consummate guests, considerate, generous and great conversationalists. 

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