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Not The Weekend I Expected

The best laid plans!  Forget them! My weekend was just a little too exciting! My husband Dave was off on a golfing trip and I was anticipating lots of solitary quiet work time. I had a long list of writing related tasks ready and I was going to reward myself for completing all those assignments with outings- a supper with my Dad, a lunch with a fellow writer, an evening with my daughter-in-law and a leisurely browse through a book store.

Surprise #1

The first day I settled down at my computer with my list of tasks at my side ready to start stroking things off as I accomplished them but……………… when I opened my e-mail I discovered that I’d have to do a job interview during the coming week. I hadn’t been expecting this. I abandoned my list and started preparing for the interview. 

Surprise #2

In the late afternoon, after a diversionary episode away from my interview prep to clean out my fridge and make soup out of all the interesting items I found there, I decided I’d take a break to savor some time at McNally Robinson Bookstore and then I’d tackle the list again. But…………. on the way to the store I was rear ended after pulling up to  red light.  I spent the rest of the evening nursing a headache, worrying about the damage to my car and the next morning reporting the whole thing to Autopac. Nothing on my list got finished. 

Surprise #3

I decided to get up early on Sunday morning and instead of going to the gym thought I’d spend a solid couple hours on my list. The weekend was ticking away and little had been accomplished.  I had just opened my computer when………. the fire alarm in my condo building started ringing. I slipped on some shoes, grabbed my keys and shuffled outside in my bathrobe and nightgown. I spent my precious writing time on the sidewalk with my neighbors. It turned out to be a false alarm, but by the time I got back inside I needed to get ready for church. 

 I still  attended all those pleasant social outings, so the weekend was enjoyable even though my work plans had to be abandoned. In the grand scheme of things my three surprises weren’t so bad. The interview, my first in nearly a decade, will be a good learning experience for me, and I can pursue other employment options if I don’t get the job. My car can be fixed and luckily no one was hurt in the accident. My condo didn’t burn down and I got to interact with my neighbours outside on a nice morning.  And I have a clean fridge with a huge jar of tasty soup in it.  All in all a pretty good weekend. 

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