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What would you recommend?  When we went to Toronto last weekend  one of the reasons we had a good time is because we used the recommendations of others to plan our visit there.  On the recommendation of one of my writing friends Suzanne I attended a conference for children’s writers and illustrators.  I enjoyed it throughly.  

The Carisma restaurant recommended by our friends had moved to a new location but the food and service was still excellent

On the recommendation of our friends Terry and Audrey we went to an Italian restaurant called Carisma for dinner and the food and service were fantastic.  On the recommendation of a young woman named Sane who I gave a tour of the Winnipeg Art Gallery in summer I visited the Type book store and bought a biography I’ve been wanting to read and a Frida Kahlo calendar for a friend who likes her artwork.

At the Royal Alexandra Theatre to see Come From Away

On the recommendation of our friend Rudy we attended the play Come From Away and enjoyed it as much as he did. 

Thanks for the recommendations everyone.  We had a great time!

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