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The Rooms

the-rooms-st-johnsHow in the world did it get a name like that?  On our first rainy day in Newfoundland we decided to visit The Rooms in St. John’s. It is the province’s stunning museum and art gallery.  We learned so much during our visit including……. how the place got its name. 

A famly working on their flake with their tilt in the background

A family working on their flake with their tilt house in the background

“The Rooms” was a name given to an area on the shore where a Newfoundland family kept their boat and built flakes or stages which were large elevated racks set on poles and used to dry their fish. display-about-the-roomsThey also built a little house called a tilt house out of sod, stone or timber.They moved from their farm house into the tilt house in spring and spent the summer there.  Many families brought along their livestock, poultry and some household goods and even planted gardens near the shore. boy-with-cod-rooms
My favorite thing in the whole museum was this photo of a little boy standing on the flake at his family’s rooms with two huge cod tied to the poles of the flake.

moose-on-the-rooms-st-johnsThe Rooms is such an appropriate name for a museum in a province where fishing has been the mainstay of the economy for centuries and has influenced both its culture and history dramatically. 

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