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Everything That Could Go Wrong

Thursday was one of those days that are bound to happen sometimes if you travel a lot. Basically everything that could  go wrong did.

I woke up to discover my computer had died. The heat and humidity in our air-conditionless cabin at Flutterby House had taken its toll.

Somehow before, during, or after our taxi ride to our next rented house in Dominical my brother-in-law lost one of his new Teva sandals.

We were greeted at our new place by unwashed dishes, overflowing garbage bins and linens that had not been changed.

When a cheerful worker named Christina arrived several hours later to clean up she told us that unlike everywhere else we had been in Costa Rica we could not drink the tap water at our new place and we would have to go and buy water at a store. We thought we’d go and get water once we’d rented our car but then we received an email that the car we had rented would not be available till the next morning and…..although our landlord had assured us we were only a few minutes walk away from stores and restaurants we were in fact a long distance away on a very steep and rocky road. This meant quite a trek to get water in blazing hot temperatures. Our walking route ended up involving many detours after we accepted confusing directions from local Costan Ricans eager to help us find a place to shop for water. 
When we got back home from getting water, we had a glass of wine and started making spaghetti for supper but just then……
The power went out! Our landlord didn’t answer our emails or phone calls for help (turns out he was in the skies flying back to the USA) and by the time he did it was too late to send out a maintenance person to solve our problem so……we sat in the dark for many hours hungry and frustrated.
We went to bed in stifling hot rooms (of course the air conditioning wasn’t working nor were the fans and since we were in an out of the way location we weren’t sure about leaving windows open for security reasons). We hoped all the food we had bought and had planned to cook on the stove, wouldn’t spoil in the warm fridge overnight.
When you travel you sometimes have days like that and you just have to make the best of them.
One of the things that saved the day for us was this amazing view out our front window. 
Who can get too upset while you are looking at a view like this?view-front-window-dominecal

Post Script
At 7 am on Friday someone arrived to restore our electricity and bring us enough water for our stay.

By noon the car rental guy had personally delivered our car to our home.

We drove back to our previous lodging where my brother-in-law’s sandal was discovered in the lost and found at the front desk.

After a day in air-conditioned comfort my computer started working again.  

Our landlord contacted us and apologized profusely for our problems and adjusted his rental rate accordingly. 

Sometimes when you travel you have days where all your problems get resolved and you have to be thankful and appreciate them

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