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The Strength of One

with barb and john in lakelandWe are in Lakeland Florida this week visiting our friends John and Barb.  We went for a walk in downtown Lakeland yesterday and came upon an interesting statue. strength of one statue lakeland floridaThe artwork pays tribute to electric linemen and linewomen as first responders and national heroes during times of natural and accidental disasters. Interestingly the design for the statue was the work of three local highschool students who created a prototype for the statue in their art class. lineman statue in lakeland floridaThey said they were inspired by the linemen and linewomen who came to Lakeland as volunteers from all over the United States to restore power after Hurricane Irma hit Florida in September. The three students traveled to Pittsburgh to see their design turned into a stainless steel sculpture. The lineman is surrounded by people on lightbulbs who were helped because of their service. senior citizen lakeland floridaA senior citizenfamily on statue lakeland floridaAnd a young family are two examples. 

At the base of the sculpture are the words “The strength of one will energize many and be the light of hope.”

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