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The End

One of my favourite pages in Macleans magazine was the last one called The End. It featured the obituary of an interesting Canadian, not a famous Canadian, but one who had lived their life in a special way.  Macleans will no longer publish the beloved feature. 

As a kind of farewell for The End writer Michael Friscolanti read twelve years worth of obituaries and  made a  list of three life lessons gleaned  from other peoples’ lives. 

  1. Find love.  It is life’s greatest privilege and reward. 

    family picture

    My parents with their family in 2008

  2. Be yourself.  Follow your own path. 

    pointing out the hieroglypics

    My niece climbing a steep path on her own on a Arizona hike.

  3. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. 

    mom in hospital

    My Mom dealt with severe health problems for many years but remained our greatest cheerleader till her dying day.

Good advice from people who lived their legacy.  

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Words of Wisdom on a Wine Bottle

wedding bower from birchbarkWe were at a wedding on Saturday and signature bottles of wine were served with the meal. The bride and groom had chosen a quote from the song The End from The Beatles Abbey Road album for the label on each bottle. 

wedding wineAnd in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. 

It was a perfect choice in my mind. We get out of relationships what we put into them whether that’s a relationship with our parent, our child, our friend or our marriage partner. 

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