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I Had A Moment

An illustration from Margaret Laurence’s A Christmas Birthday Story

I was having a conversation with someone recently about those moments of pure joy in our lives.  We were speculating about someone we both knew and hoping they’d had at least a few moments like that in their life. 

I had a moment of that kind of pure joy last week.  Our family was celebrating Christmas a little late, but it was when everyone could be together and it was great. The tree lights were twinkling. We’d had our traditional Christmas breakfast of waffles and white sauce. We had sung the three carols we sing every Christmas. We had all shared our highlights of the past year and our hopes for the coming one. I was sitting on the couch reading Margaret Laurence’s The Christmas Birthday Story .  We read that book aloud every Christmas. My five-year old grandson was snuggled up on one side of me listening to the story and then my one year old grandson crawled up on the couch and snuggled in on the other side of me. Tears welled and I had to struggle to control myself and keep on reading.  A moment of pure joy. 

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