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Sobering Sunday Morning Thoughts

A blog post called Death Toll I wrote last Sunday has been reprinted in other publications now. In my reflection a week ago I commented on the way we pay such close attention to the victims of COVID-19 and yet seem less concerned about the victims of hunger, violence and poverty in our world who are always with us. I compared that kind of indifference on our part to the fact that Donald Trump went golfing last weekend apparently unperturbed that more than 100,000 people in his country had died. 

Several friends took exception to me comparing myself to Donald Trump. One woman, an American, said it was a false equivalency because the very fact I was having the thoughts I expressed in the blog made me different than Donald Trump. She believes the President of her country has zero empathy and she worries about children growing up under his terrible influence.  She said whenever I give of myself to others I set myself apart from Donald Trump.  She reminded me that we cannot go down the path of sacrificing joy in our own lives because of the suffering of others.  We should appreciate the privilege we have, feel blessed because of it, and then give of our time and money to help those who are suffering. 

Since publishing the post last weekend I was asked if it could be included in the blog of the magazine The Canadian Mennonite. It was published on their site here.

I was also contacted about having it appear in the Winnipeg Free Press. It does this morning.  The Free Press has titled the story Sobering Sunday Morning Thoughts as the Death Toll Rises.  

This Sunday morning, of course, there are even more sobering things to contemplate as violence and anger erupt in American cities over racial inequality and injustice. 

A Sphere Within A Sphere by Arnaldo Pomodoro. I took this photo of the sculpture at the Vatican in Rome.  It shows our world cracking apart.  We see the inner core of cogs of our world which the artist is suggesting will keep on working even if the shell cracks. 

I took this photo of a version of the same sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro which is on display at the United Nations in New York


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