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The Costumes Were Worth the Price of Admission

She stood gravely at centre stage looking simply stunning in her creamy coronation gown surrounded by church officials attired in crimson robes and golden crowns.
mtc-ticketI saw The Audience at the Manitoba Theatre Centre on Saturday night and the costumes stole the show as far as I’m concerned. The Audience chronicles decades worth of weekly meetings between the Queen and the British primeministers.  The play is not a fast paced or intense drama but what kept me riveted during the show were the marvelous outfits worn by Fiona Reid who played the role of Queen Elizabeth.
the-audienceWhether dressed in her Scottish tartan skirt and soft sweater, a gorgeous evening gown, a smart suit or a finely tailored dress the Queen always looked just about perfect- her hair coiffed, her jewelery tasteful, her shoes fashionable but serviceable and her handbags handsome. And what is even more amazing is how a trio of attendants managed to help the queen change her hairstyle, outfits and makeup in just moments either right on stage, discreetly tucked behind the queen’s desk or hidden momentarily behind a small dressing room partition.
Almost magically Fiona Reid would reappear dressed for a new scene that often took place during a period in history decades before or after the previous scene. The hasty transformations in style were really quite fascinating.christina-poddubiuk I admit I don’t usually read the program notes about the costume designer but this time I certainly did.  Christina Poddubuik was responsible for the costumes and sets for The Audience.  I looked her up online and she is a partner in a design firm called Punch and Judy.  It was neat checking out her unique work as an illustrator, stylist and artist. Although the costume designer doesn’t usually come on stage to take a bow at the end of a play I think Christina should have.  I would have given her a standing ovation.  As far as I’m concerned she was the star of the show. 

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Red Bows for Michael’s Geese- Think Again

michael snow's geese eaton centreMy husband Dave is checking out the sculpture Flight Stop by artist Michael Snow in the Eaton Centre in Toronto. Our tour guide told us how this iconic Canadian art work was at the heart of a landmark intellectual property case in Canada. michael snow flight stopDuring the Christmas season in 1981 the Eaton Centre decided to put red bows on the geese in Flight Stop to give them a festive flavor.  Snow took exception to the bows and asked to have them removed. The Centre had spent thousands of dollars to have workers and equipment position the bows on the geese and promised after the Christmas season to remove them when they took down the rest of the decorations in the Eaton Centre.

flight stop by michael snowMichael Snow said that wasn’t good enough. He claimed the bows distorted the integrity of his artwork and he wanted them removed immediately. He took the Eaton Centre to court and the judge agreed with Snow issuing an injunction to have the bows removed. 

Snow versus The Eaton Centre affirmed the rights of an artist to protect the integrity of their work. audience by michael snow skydome

Later when we went to a Blue Jays game at the Skydome I saw another sculpture by Michael Snow called The Audience. 

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