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Sunday Morning at the Olive Mill

We’ve found our Sunday morning spot !  When we lived in Hong Kong we went to church on Sunday evenings so we spent our Sunday morning at a place called Pacific Coffee.  We’d read the Sunday edition of the South China Morning Post and Dave would do the New York Times crossword puzzle which he had printed up from the Winnipeg Free Press online.  

dave doing puzzle coffee shopTwo years ago when we stayed in the Gold Canyon area of Phoenix  we found a nice little coffee place a short bike ride away where we could have Sunday breakfast, read The New York Times and do the crossword. This year we are staying in the San Tan area so we needed to scout out a new Sunday morning spot.  dave-crossword-olive-millWe found it at The Olive Mill oil-and-vinegar-olive-millla cool place where they make their own olive oils and vinegrettes olives-stuffed-with-blue-cheese always have lots of great stuff out for tasting. coffee-olive-mill and roast their own blends of coffee. breakfast-olive-milllWe are eating our way through the delicious breakfast menu having different items each week. Last week we tried the peaches and cream waffle and the lemon ricotta pancakes.organic-garden-olive-millThey grow their own herbs at the Olive Mill. dave-outdoor-olive-mill Last week it was warm enough to eat outside so we stayed till Dave had finished the crossword.  I was even able to help him with a few of the clues. I read my way through most of Sunday’s edition of The New York Times.  Lots of fascinating articles. We’ve already taken two sets of visitors to the Olive Mill for Sunday morning breakfast and have another date planned with friends next week.  We may just get through all the menu items before its time to head home. 

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Last Sunday Breakfast

our bikesOur ritual here in Gold Canyon is that on Sunday mornings we bike to Basha’s grocery store and buy the New York Times.  The paper and accompanying magazine provide hours of excellent reading. Dave has been doing the New York Times crossword puzzle every weekend for nearly forty years and so that’s another motivation for buying the paper. 

coffee shop gold canyonThen we head on over to a local coffee shop where we buy coffee and breakfast, usually porridge for me and a breakfast bagel for Dave and we sit in the sunshine for a couple hours reading and puzzling.dave doing puzzleLast Sunday was the final time for this ritual however, since by this coming Sunday we’ll be heading home to Winnipeg. 

Sunday morning at Pacific Coffee with our children during one of their visits to Hong Kong

Sunday morning at Pacific Coffee with our children during their visit to Hong Kong

Our Sunday mornings here remind me of our Sunday mornings in Hong Kong which we spent at a place called Pacific Coffee where I read the South China Morning Post while Dave did the crossword. Our Hong Kong church congregation met in the evenings so our Sunday mornings were always free. 

Breakfast at the Free Press Cafe with friends

Breakfast at the Free Press Cafe with friends

I’m looking forward to renewing our weekend breakfast tradition in Winnipeg. On Saturday morning at 9 we walk on over to the Free Press Cafe in our neighborhood where we enjoy coffee – share a breakfast special plate and get a free paper which contains The New York Times Crossword puzzle. Then we puzzle and read for an hour or so unless we are joined by friends.

Sunday mornings in Winnipeg find us at services at Bethel Mennonite Church and I’m looking forward to getting back to that too. 

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