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Let’s Play Ball

We were in St. George Utah last week because…….my husband Dave was playing ball in the Huntsman World Senior Games an international sporting competition for people over the age of 50.   Some of my blog readers have been anxiously waiting to hear news about the Manitoba team Dave competed with in the games. Although my varied blog posts from Utah so far might give you the idea I wasn’t taking my husband’s athletic endeavors seriously nothing could be further from the truth.  I was at every single game cheering him on. I took lots of photos. The team competed at three different softball complexes each with multiple diamonds and great views of the stunning Utah scenery.  

Dave receiving his silver medal

They played eight games and ended up the silver medalists in their division which was for players 65 years and older.

Silver medal champions

 It was interesting that many of the teams in their division were from Canada.  They played against squads from Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland as well as teams from Washington, California and Utah. The weather was certainly variable during the games.  Everything from blazing heat which had us fans scrambling to find shady trees to sit under to watch the action, to freezing cold days when we shivered in the stands despite wearing multiple layers of clothing.  One day it rained for more than an hour solid right before our game but cleared up just as we took to the field. Some of the games were very close and exciting and victories were determined only in the last inning.  I enjoyed watching the umpires in action.  Each had their own unique style and technique.  I also enjoyed visiting with fans and players from other teams. I bought cookies from a group of kids who told me the story of their cousin who has cancer.  They were raising money for his medical care with their bake sale.  I visited with a woman from Toronto who has been at the seniors games with her husband seventeen years in a row. I spent an hour-long rainstorm huddled under a canteen overhang with a ball player from Texas, who was a Vietnam vet and professional rodeo rider.  His life story was fascinating.  The ball games were also fascinating in their own way because all the players no matter their age were there to showcase their skills, challenge themselves physically, engage in healthy exercise, participate in some good competition and have fun. 

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A Ball Player For Life

league champsMy husband Dave’s season of ball with the Manitoba Senior Slow Pitch Tournament League is over and his Eastman team has emerged champions.  Normally that would mean that Dave’s Monday and Wednesday mornings could now be devoted to pickle ball instead of soft ball but….. this year he is also playing in an international tournament in Utah in October so some of his pickle ball games will have to be prempted for practices to prepare for that big event.   Dave has been playing ball since he was about four years old and was part of the Sunday School league at his church in Leamington Ontario.   That’s about sixty years of the sport and if he keeps this up someday it might even be seventy!

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Batter’s Up At Dawn

dave-arizona-baseballThe alarm rings just after six. We are on vacation. Why are we getting up so early? Right! My husband Dave has a ball game at 8:30 am. It is a forty-five minute drive away. We need to get dressed, stop for coffee, leave enough time to be sure we can find the diamond and be there early so he can warm up. I am going along because after Dave’s doubleheader we are off to the airport to pick up my brother who is arriving from Winnipeg.
dave-baseball-arizonaMy husband Dave joined a slow pitch ball team for our two months here in Arizona. Many of his teammates participate in the same summer league as he does in Manitoba, although some of his fellow players are from other provinces. During the game I sit with another player’s wife who is from Edmonton.
daveheadshome-az-bbThere is a large slow pitch league here in the Phoenix area for seniors who love the game and want to play year round. In fact Dave tells me there are so many different opportunities to play ball here that some of the guys on his team have games practically everyday. Dave is just playing on Tuesdays but he does have a couple of weekend tournaments as well.  dave-bats-arizona-baseballWe witness a beautiful sunrise as we drive to the ball park inside a huge Trailer Resort that boasts a state of the art diamond.  Dave tells me the diamonds here are pristine, in much better shape than any he plays on in Winnipeg.  I have a nice visit with two other women who have come to watch our team play. They give me tips about good places in the area to shop and eat. The sun is warm and I have fun trying to take some good photos of Dave through the wire fence. He has a couple great hits and does a dramatic dive but just misses a catch in the field. dave-runs-az-baseball The other guys compliment him on his fast running and I hear them calling him DavieD a baseball nickname I have heard hundreds of times since I have been watching him play ball now for over forty years.  After the game we have time for breakfast together before heading to the airport. It’s not so bad getting up early even if you are on vacation. 

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I Slept with a Champion Last Night

dave-ball-team-bemidjiI slept with a champion last night. Dave and I were in Bemidji Minnesota for the weekend where he was playing in a baseball tournament. Although the road to victory wasn’t easy his Eastman team won the championship on Sunday in fine style. Dave made a great catch that had him jumping high in the air. He had some solid hits and managed to avoid irritating the leg wound he got on Saturday diving for a ball.
giroux-athleticsDave has been a champion baseball player many times before. In fact he is in the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame.  But he is a champion in lots of other ways in my books.   After the final game yesterday he drove all the way home from Bemidji so I could work on a writing project in the car that has a fast approaching due date. Then when we got home he made me his signature spicy Caesar cocktail and a homemade pizza for our supper.  Today he’s headed off to train for a new job as a Lexus driver to earn some extra cash for our travel adventures. 

champions-ball-tournamentI guess I sleep with a champion every night. 


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Driedgers at the Bat

When we were in Leamington Ontario recently Dave played in a homecoming baseball tournament at his highschool alma mater United Mennonite Educational Institute. He was playing with and against his cousins, nephews, nieces but no former classmates.  I think he was the oldest guy on the diamond. 

Taking a pitch from nephew Tim

Dave taking a pitch from nephew Tim

Dave pitches to his nephew Michael

Dave pitches to his nephew Michael

Brother Bill scorekeeping and brother Paul lending moral support

Brother Bill scorekeeping and brother Paul lending moral support

Dave at first base waiting

Dave at first base waiting

for nephew Tim's partner Penny to hit him home

for nephew Tim’s partner Penny to hit him home

Niece Stephanie waiting

Niece Stephanie waiting at first base

for Uncle Dave to hit him home

for Uncle Dave to hit her home

Great nieces cheering on the team

Great nieces cheering on the team

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Davey At the Bat

We spent this past weekend in Bemidji, Minnesota where Dave was playing in a slow pitch ball tournament. I was experimenting with the sports action setting on my camera and took this series of photos of Dave up to bat. He hit a triple!

on deck


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