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Channeling Norval Morrisseau

For our latest sketching date my friend Esther and I went to the Winnipeg Art Gallery and were inspired by the bold and beautiful paintings of artist Norval Morrisseau.

norval morriseau inspired I finally finished coloring the drawing I made on our sketching date. I wonder where we will go to sketch next? 

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Sketching in the Park

sketching assiniboine parkOn Monday my friend Esther and I met in Assiniboine Park to sketch.  Esther had picked a spot with a great view of The Pavilion.  We spent an hour and half or so creating our own versions of the scene.  

esther's sketch

My friend Esther’s sketch.

Assiniboine Park has a special significance for my family.  My parents got engaged in the park close to seventy years ago. My Dad was in the middle of his proposal when a guard knocked on the window and told him the park was closing for the evening.  The Pavilion was also the site for my brother and his partner’s wedding over a decade ago.  

sketch assiniboine park

My rendition of the park pavilion.

Assiniboine Park was a great place to sketch.  Esther and I have decided we will try to sketch together once a month. I wonder where we will go next? 

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An Evening At The Forks

Last week on a beautiful summer evening I pedaled my bicycle down to The Forks to pick up a book I had ordered from the new McNally Robinson store there.  As I rode through Steve Juba Park another woman pulled up beside me on her bike.  “I love your bike,” she said to me.  I told her I had won it in an Arts Junktion raffle and she was impressed.  “I know all about ArtsJunktion,” she said.  We talked about the important work they do. She wondered where the bike was from and I told her White Pine Bicycle Company had donated it. We chatted about the lovely weather and then parted ways at the ‘under the bridge’ path that leads into the Forks. “Enjoy your bike,” she said as I drove off. “It’s a beauty!”

After picking up my book I decided to have a chai latte and read for a while.  The barista at Fools and Horses was interested in my book which was about Impressionist Art.  I talked about working at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and told him how much I liked having a McNally Robinson branch at the Forks.  He really liked that too, but said he still enjoys going to the Grant Park Store for events and meeting friends. I told him my writers’ group meets at McNallys and I still love going there too.  We chatted a bit about why we like McNallys so much. 

On my way outside I saw an older woman in a colourful sari sitting with a tiny newborn in her arms. I smiled and said, “What a beautiful baby.”  A young woman in shorts and a T-shirt nearby who I assume was the baby’s mother pointed to the woman holding the baby and said, ‘grandmother.’  I pointed to myself and said ‘grandmother too’ and then showed the women a picture of my grandsons on my phone.  They smiled. Before I left the younger woman pointed at us both and said, ‘grandmothers.’ 

I sat on a park bench reading for a while and a woman came to sit beside me.  She was clearly frustrated, sighing and reading messages on her phone.  She asked me where a certain Winnipeg street was and I gave her directions for getting there. She told me she was in Winnipeg with a couple of girls from out-of-town who are in foster care. They were in the city to see their mother whom they had met at the Forks. They weren’t supposed to leave the Forks but they had anyway, going to a place in the city the woman beside me thought might be dangerous for them. I wished her well as she set off to find her charges. 

Later at home when I got out my pencils to do my daily drawing, I thought about the people I had just met and how interacting with them had made for an interesting evening. 

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