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Siblings -More Important As You Grow Older

dad and louise fort whyte

A couple of Sundays ago Dave and I took my Dad and my aunt out to Fort Whyte for lunch after church.  While we waited for our food the two of them stood at the railing looking out over the lake and visited with each other.  I thought how great it was that Dad has a sibling nearby with whom he can have a close relationship, someone with whom he can share a conversation about shared family times from the past.  Dad had five sisters.  His oldest sister has died and another two don’t live in Winnipeg, but he has two younger sisters in the city he can visit with regularly. They frequently bring him home cooking and they go on outings together. I was chatting with a friend recently who told me how much she appreciates the time spent with her sister now that they are both older and not as busy with professional and family obligations.  I knew exactly what she meant. I too am enjoying times like that with my three siblings.  I looked at my calendar recently and realized I usually spend time with one of my siblings every week.  What a gift! A gift I hope we can continue to share till we are my Dad’s and aunts’ ages.

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I Love My Siblings


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I Love My Siblings

I missed International Siblings Day yesterday but didn’t want to miss the chance to say how much I love and appreciate my sister and brothers. family photo 60'sWe were fortunate to be raised by parents who role-modeled the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with brothers and sisters. Mom and Dad made it a priority to foster caring connections with their own siblings. 

I feel very lucky to have siblings who are so supportive and place such importance on close family relationships. 

marylou and karen halong bay

With my sister on a boat in Halong Bay Vietnam

marylou and ken kunming

With my brother in Kunming China

marylou and mark hong kong

With my youngest brother in Hong Kong

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