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A Pun From My Grandfather

grandma and grandpa schmidt

Peter and Annie my grandparents

I am currently working on the second draft of a middle years novel in which my hero is based on my grandfather Peter Schmidt. I didn’t get to know my maternal grandfather very well because he died when I was only seven years old. So I relied on stories from my Mom to learn more about him. Grandpa was gregarious and loved to make jokes. One of his frequently used puns according to my mother was that he wanted his children to have ‘a good understanding.’
sisters reading

This had nothing to do with their minds or hearts but rather their feet. My grandmother’s feet were misshapen and sometimes painful for her because she had frequently worn shoes that didn’t really fit her as a child. Grandpa didn’t want that to happen to his children so he spared no expense when it came to buying them shoes.  Check out the nice shoes my Mom and her siblings are wearing in the photos above and below.

mom and siblings sept 33

My mother (second from right) and her siblings in 1933

When Grandpa said he wanted his children to have a good understanding he meant he wanted the shoes ‘under’ the feet on which they ‘stood’ to be ‘good’ shoes. A good under standing. Get it?

I haven’t woven that pun into my novel, but maybe I’ll have to find a way to fit it in.

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Whose Shoes?

abandoned shoes on portage avenueI was walking to work down Portage Avenue quite early on Friday morning, when I saw this pair of black shoes abandoned beside a building.  They were placed almost artistically against the wall and looked like a perfectly good pair of men’s shoes nicely polished.  Who could have left them there? The temperature dipped down around the zero mark on Thursday night.  I hope the shoeless person didn’t freeze their toes. I’m going to check if the shoes are still there this morning on my way to work.  

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A Good Understanding

Yesterday I was reminded of one of my grandfather’s puns.

“My feet are killing me,” said a customer while I was working the cash register at the Thrift Shop where I volunteer.  The woman asked if she could trade in the new ill fitting shoes she’d purchased the day before at big box store for a much more comfortable used pair on our shelves. After she left my fellow clerks and I chatted about the damage poor fitting shoes can do to a person’s feet.

My mom reading with her sisters around 1933. Check out their nice shoes.

My mom ( on the left) reading with her sisters around 1933. Check out their nice shoes.

It reminded me of something my mother once told me. Her father always insisted on his children having shoes that fit well.  My grandmother’s feet had been damaged by poor fitting shoes and Grandpa didn’t want that to happen to his kids. He spared no expense to be sure his four children had shoes that fit properly. 

Here is Mom and her sisters with their dolls, probably around 1929. Look at those shoes.

Here is Mom (again on the left) and her sisters with their dolls, probably around 1929. Look at those nice shoes they are wearing.  

He used to joke and say he was going to make sure his children had a good under standing. Get it? 

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