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Tight Security

Last Thursday we spent the day at a PGA golf tournament here in Phoenix. We left early in the morning to attend the Waste Management Open at the famous Tournament Players Club at Sawgrass. You park your car in lots several miles from the actual course and buses ferry you to the tournament. Before you can board the bus however you need to go through security. No purses or backpacks are allowed. Anything you want to take into the tournament with you has to be put into a clear plastic bag. No cameras are permitted.
waiting in line for the Waste Management OpenWe had to empty our pockets as well and place everything in our plastic bags. Then before we boarded the buses it was arms up and we had electronic wands waved over us from top to bottom -front and back.
line up for Waste Managment OpenAlthough the security personnel were very competent we stood in line for a long while because last Thursday, the eighty year old tournament recorded its highest daily attendance ever.ticket to waste managment open
No one entered the front gates without their bar coded ticket tied to their outfit in some fashion.
I will write another blog post about our day at the Phoenix Open but just getting into the event was a story in itself.
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