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House With a View

salmon-cove-b-and-bA family connection brought us to At William’s Rest in Salmon Cove.  me-and-marilynOur bed and breakfast hostess Marilyn is a former Winnipeg art teacher who is quite the artist herself.  Her work is for sale in shops in Salmon Cove and she has some of it displayed in her home along with other unique and interesting art pieces she has collected from various Canadian artists.  Marilyn has created a spectacular place for guests to enjoy the beauty of Newfoundland. dave-and-marilynThe house itself is a thing of beauty as are the hearty breakfasts Marilyn makes.  Marilyn has named the house after her late husband and hearing the story of how they turned this piece of property into such a special home is fascinating.  The views from the front porch of the house are breathtaking. williams-rest



I took pictures out of both of the windows in our room to show the remarkable vistas around At William’s Rest. window-view-williams-rest


The setting for the home is so picturesque.  

panoramic-view-williams-restSalmon Cove has provided a beautiful introduction to this beautiful province. view-from-salmon-cove-houseMarilyn told us her bed and breakfast has been full every night for months and that most customers find her through word of mouth.  I can certainly see why.

View of William's rest on our beach hike

View of William’s rest on our beach hike

We would recommend At William’s Rest to anyone visiting Newfoundland. 

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The Blueberries Slowed Him Down

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The Blueberries Slowed Him Down

dave-hikesAs anyone who has hiked with Dave knows… you have to be prepared to be left behind as he strides on ahead. dave-on-the-atlanticHe claims he’d trip over his feet if he tried to match my slow pace.   However after years of experience he now waits at turns in the trail for me to catch up so I don’t get lost. trail-of-the-eagleYesterday we went on a hike in Salmon Cove Newfoundland. I managed to keep up with Dave for the most part because of the blueberries. blueberries-daveI’m not used to seeing blueberries in October but here in Newfoundland the trails are thick with them. blueberries

They are so juicy and sweet that Dave just couldn’t resist them. He stopped frequently to pick and eat blueberries by the handfuls. 

by-a-birch-newfoundlandWe hiked The Trail of the Eagle.  williams-rest-through-treesIt went right to the end of the peninsula across from our bed and breakfast and…..trail-of-the-eagle-pines was soooooooo incredibly lovely.  We didn’t see flowers and greenery like we would have in summer but the trail revealed its autumn beauty in interesting fungi and grasses. fungi-salmon-cove





We ended our hike with a walk along the dark sand beach. dave-on-beach

The day was so perfect and we’d had such a great walk that we did another long hike in the afternoon along a different trail. It had blueberries too. 

And guess what our hostess is making us for breakfast this morning?  Blueberry pancakes!

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