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This Generation’s Condom, New School Routines and A Historic House

I’ve started wearing my mask more often when I go into businesses. I had an optometrist appointment at Costco on Friday.  I wore my mask as did all the employees in the eye department. But I’m guessing only about 10% of the customers in the store had masks.

According to an article in the Atlantic, we will be wearing masks much more often and for a very long time, so we’d better get used to it. Brian Castrucci a state department health veteran says “the face mask will be the condom of this generation.”  During the AIDS epidemic wearing condoms became a necessary way to protect yourself and others.  The face mask will be the way we protect ourselves and others during the COVID-19 epidemic.  

With my summer school students in Hong Kong. We wouldn’t be taking a picture like this now. No physical distancing happening here.

I saw a video posted online for the school in Hong Kong where we were teachers for many years.  Classes are finally resuming after being cancelled in January, and the video demonstrated the new ways the kids would be walking up the stairs and down the halls. It explained how they would use the washrooms, classrooms and playground so they could maintain physical distance. They would ALWAYS wear a mask.

On the roof of our school with my advisory students in Hong Kong

Those Hong Kong students were going to have lots of new routines to learn. With schools in Manitoba possibly opening next month I am sure teachers and administrators are working hard to figure out new and safe routines for schools in our province too. 
We came upon this historical gem on our bike ride yesterday. I’ve never seen it before even though it’s close to our condo. This was the first post office in Winnipeg and also home to the first postmaster William Ross. He and his wife Jemima had the house built in 1855.  William who was the son of a prominent Metis family only served as postmaster for one year before he died leaving Jemima with five children to care for. Jemima remarried an Irish journalist William Coldwell who came to Winnipeg and founded The Nor Wester, the city’s first newspaper. The couple continued to live in Ross House intermittently till Jemima died in 1912. You can visit the house during the summer months for a tour and that’s something I want to do once museums open up again. 

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