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Stop! I Want to Take a Picture

“Stop! I want to take a picture.”

I knew before I said it he wouldn’t stop. When my husband Dave is driving somewhere he is very focused and committed. Slowing down for photo ops on our journey south to Arizona wasn’t part of his travel plan.  windmillsSave for a few photos like this snapped through the car’s front window the memorable things I saw on our journey have to be described in words not pictures.

In North Dakota I spot dozens of solitary hawks perched on fence posts, in trees and on hydro poles.

A hundred miles or so past Fargo dozens of deer dot farmers’ fields. They are grazing on the stubble sticking out of the snow.

In North Dakota a giant statue of a bison is perched atop a hill.

It says TRUMP 2016 on a crude red and blue plywood sign resting against a rusty barrel on the litter filled front yard of a house trailer in South Dakota.

Near Rapid City an antique fire engine is parked in front of a huge billboard advertising The Firehouse Brewery

On the Rosebud Indian Reservation we pass an abandoned schoolhouse with rotting grey shingles its roof caved in over its sagging front porch.

As dawn breaks just outside Sterling Colorado a man is out feeding flocks of Canada geese on a thinly frozen pond.

In Nebraska a road sign features a row of tiny American flags marching along its top edge. The sign informs us we are driving down a highway dedicated to American Veterans of Foreign Wars.

A bare tree with ten wild turkeys in its branches graces the middle of a huge corral full of livestock in Colorado.

rockiesNot far from Denver the snow capped Rockies edge the horizon.

In the middle of nowhere a sign invites us to stop and shop at the Soldier Woman’s Art Gallery and Gift Shop.

As we cross into New Mexico there are lots of signs to watch for bear and elk.

Driving through New Mexico we pass at least a half a dozen other cars with Manitoba license plates. Are they all going to Arizona?

In Albuquerque neon signs tell us we are on the famed Route 66.

On the road between Show Low and Globe Arizona lots of rocks and boulders have fallen down onto the road. Will we hit one?

I spot the first saguaro cactus as we near Phoenix.

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