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Finally a Ripe Tomato

dave and his tomatoesAs most of you know this summer my husband Dave grew tomatoes in a planter near our home in the Exchange District.  He was excited every time he would see some of the green tomatoes on the vine start to ripen.  But he never actually got to pick a ripe tomato because someone always beat him to it.  He didn’t really mind. He was happy that people in the neighborhood were harvesting and enjoying the fresh tomatoes he’d grown but he decided before the end of the growing season he’s like to eat at least one ripe tomato from his vines.  

tomatoe and bananaSo……… he did a little research and found out that if you picked green tomatoes and placed them in a paper bag with a banana they would redden indoors.  Apparently bananas contain ethylene gas which ripens tomatoes.  So Dave tried it. He picked some green tomatoes stuck them in a bag with a banana and magic! In a couple of days he had ripe tomatoes.  Finally he got to have a tomato sandwich with one of his own tomatoes. 

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