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First Supper in Lisbon- My Husband Has Great Instincts

which restaurant lisbon

Dave checks out one of the many restaurants he considered for dinner.

It took Dave a long time to decide where he wanted to eat supper our first night in Lisbon. He checked out a whole bunch of places but finally decided on a small restaurant near our house run by an elderly couple. restaurant owner lisbonThey couldn’t really speak English but we managed to communicate quite well with hand gestures and pointing to menu items and the owner helped us pick out what to have after supplying us with a plate of olives and a tray of bread. 
making our sangria lisbonThe owner left to buy the tuna and sea bass we had ordered from a nearby fish merchant. We watched his wife prepare our pitcher of Sangria step by step. She chopped oranges, splashed in wine, added other fruits she had already diced, threw in ice cubes, and then tasted the Sangria herself to be sure she’d got things right. Just then the owner  returned with our fish and his wife took it and bustled into the kitchen to cook while the man chatted with all kinds of people from the neighbourhood who stopped in to visit. 

restaurant lisbonThe meal was AMAZING!  The fish was flavorful and the homemade potato fries done to perfection.  

tuna steak lisbon

My tuna steak was so spicy and tender

There was a plate of salad for each of us included as well. We ordered a carafe of white wine for our meal. The portions were so hearty we simply COULD NOT find room for dessert although our host really wanted us to. 

restaurant owner and marylouBefore we left I asked our host if he would take a photo with me.  I wish I had taken one with his wife too. She came out of the kitchen just before we left and we told her how great the meal had been and she smiled and said some stuff in Portuguese that sounded happy and pleased. 

orange tree lisbonWe did stop on the way home to get a bag of oranges.  There are orange trees everywhere in Lisbon. oranges lisbonThe man who sold us the oranges told us they’d be sweet and was he ever right!  He also taught us to say obrigado which is thank you in Portuguese. 

little restaurant lisbonLater I looked up the restaurant which was called O Tasco Do Vigario on Trip Advisor and everyone just raved about it saying what a fabulous full course meal they’d had with cocktails and wine for two people for only around 20 Euros. Everyone gave it four or five stars! Our experience exactly!

Kudos to Dave for choosing the perfect place by instinct!

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Homegrown in Newfoundland

front-view-bonavista-social-clubWe had an amazing meal at the Bonavista Social Club in tiny Upper Amherst Cove, Newfoundland on the very last day they were open for the 2016 season. EVERYTHING they serve is homegrown. 

greenhouse-bonavista-social-clubThey have a greenhouse where the tomatoes for our salad and for the tomato sauce on our pizza had been nurtured red-lettuceand we could see the lettuce,  beet and radish plants in the gardenmixed-salad-bonavista-social-club that provided the other salad ingredients. pizza-bonavista-social-clubKatie the in- house baker and proprieter had made the bread sticks and crust for our pizza.view-bonavista-social-club Rhubarb from the garden was used for our rhubarb lemonade.

Katie's Dad whose woodworking shop is next to the restaurant made the wooden plates our food was served on.Wild partridge berries had been picked nearby to make our dessert- a partridge berry bread pudding. Eggs and milk from the restaurant’s chickens and cow were in the homemade icecream. Katie’s Dad whose woodworking shop is next to the Bonavista Social Club made the wooden plates our food was served on, and designed the warm wood interior of the restaurant.pizza-oven You can eat inside at the Bonavista Social Club and watch the wood fire oven in operation bonavista-social-clubbut it was such a beautiful sunny day we opted for the front porch. amherst-coveThis was our view while we ate! hiking-the-skerwink-trailWe had just done a steep 5 km. hike up and down the Skerwink Trail and so we had the appetites necessary to really enjoy the food.

Dave walks past some of the garden plants. See the wood pile in the background for the brick wood fire pizza and bread oven.

Dave walks past some of the garden plants. See the wood pile in the background for the brick wood fire oven.

The Bonavista Social Club provided a most memorable meal!

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String Em Up at the Handlebar

Last week we enjoyed an evening of Blue Grass music with the String Em Up band at the Handlebar Pub and Grill.The band members sing and play guitar, mandolin, banjo and bass and have a varied repertoire of familiar tunes. Our group of seven was singing along in full voice on some of the songs. hans and chris We were there with our housemates Hans and Chrisrudy and sueArizona neighbours Rudy and Sue and ed peters another Gold Canyon neighbor Ed who tried to have a good time but was missing his wife Val who would arrive the next day. Ed sent Val photos and even a little video of the band so she could feel like she was there too.pulled pork handlebarThe food at the Handlebar is always fantastic.  Dave had the pulled pork sandwich and the blue cheese potato salad. smoked chicken saladI had the smoked chicken salad and the flavor was wonderful.  Everything at the Handlebar is cooked over a pecan wood fire.  On a previous visit we sat at the bar around the barbecue grill and chatted with the chef about his job at the Handlebar and how he prepares the food. at the handlebarWe always have a good time at the Handlebar.  I know we’ll be going back before our Arizona stay is over.  Other posts about eating out in Arizona…..

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