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Then and Now Weekend

Last weekend I had a bunch of experiences that took me back in time.  

ken and lynette

Ken catching up with old friends and classmates

On Saturday evening we hosted a party for seventeen people who all wanted to get together with Ken an old college classmate who lives on the Isle of Wight in England.  ken-and-me-godshillIt reminded me of 2005 when we visited him and he hosted us and showed us all around the lovely island he calls home. It was nice to be able to reciprocate his hospitality. 
t4s colorI went out for lunch Sunday and had a coloring book party with my good friends the T-4s.  with the T-4s 2011It took me back to one of our first get togethers in 2011.  We have met almost every month since. 

Dave and John

Dave and John

On Sunday Dave’s cousin John and his wife Velma invited us for supper.  dave-and-john-and-boysAs we talked about our children I was reminded of this photo of Dave and his cousin playing with their sons in our livingroom some 35 years ago. 

breakfast at feast marylou and daveOn Saturday morning Dave and I went out for breakfast at a new place.

Breakfast at the Free Press Cafe in Winnipeg with Hong Kong friends

Breakfast at the Free Press Cafe in Winnipeg with Hong Kong friends

Going out for a weekend breakfast was a ritual we started in Hong Kong, brought with us to Winnipeg, and have carried on with ever since.

Mark and me Amanda's weddingOn Friday my brother and his wife had us over for a fantastic dinner. family-weddingSpending time with them and thinking about how their family has grown and changed reminded me of their wedding day when this family picture was taken. 

Last weekend helped me appreciate the present and remember the past. 

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