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A Very Short Fight

dave john plains of abrahamMy husband Dave and his cousin John pretend to be James Wolfe and Louis-Joseph Montcalm reenacting their battle against each other on our visit to the Plains of Abraham. montcalm statueMontcalm the leader of the French troops stationed in Quebec City thought they were safe from an English attack on September 13, 1759 because of the high cliffs along the St. Lawrence River
james wolfe statueBut James Wolfe and his well-trained British troops managed to find a route up the cliffs and under the cover of darkness crossed the St. Lawrence and made their way up the path. Montcalm had moved a large contingent of his men upstream leaving the Plains of Abraham vulnerable. dave john plains of abraham quebec cityThe battle was very short. It was over in under 20 minutes. The English had defeated the French to take control of Quebec. Both Wolfe and Montcalm died in the battle. 

plains of abrahamThe battle field gets its name from Abraham Martin the farmer who owned the land where the English/French fight took place. 

history markers plains of abrahamThe battle happened during the Seven Years War between the French and English which ended in 1760. There are information panels on the site of the Plains of Abraham which describe the battle. 

montcalm wolfe memorial quebec cityA monument in downtown Quebec City recognizes both the leaders of the French and English. Wolfe’s name is on one side and Montcalm’s name on the other. wolfe montcalm memorial quebec cityThe obelisk was erected in 1828 in memory of both generals who died on the Plains of Abraham. john dave tussle plains of abrahamEvery school child in Canada learns about the Battle on the Plains of Abraham when they study the history of our country.  It was interesting….. and as you can see…… kind of fun to visit the site ourselves. 

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