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Great Meal With Friends at Pine Ridge Hollow

pineridge hollow

After spending a couple hours meandering through the farmer’s market and gift shop at Pine Ridge Hollow the T-4’s, a group of my friends that meets every month, headed into the restaurant for a late lunch.

pineridge hollow t 4s

We were given a lovely spot on the patio and enjoyed visiting over our wonderful meal with a bunch of delicious shared dishes. 

sea salt beet chips

Rosemary and sea salt beet chips served with a house made goat cheese ranch dipping sauce.

pineridge house salad

Pineridge House Salad. Mixed greens with smoked Gouda, crisp apple, candied pecans, and fig baslamic vinaigrette.


lemon merigune tort

Lemon Meringue Torte. Frozen layers of crisp and light meringue with house made lemon curd and whipped cream.

nutella brownie

A decadent nutella brownie served with Cornell Creme vanilla bean ice cream. Topped with toasted hazelnuts and chocolate sauce.


kew garden chocolate bars

And as party favors chocolate bars our friend Glenys bought us in Kew Gardens on her recent trip to London. I got to take the Lime and Lavendar one home and Dave and I polished it off that very evening.

A delicious and delightful afternoon.

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