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On Page One Hundred! I’m Excited!

This week a book called Kent Monkman Life and Work by Shirley Madill arrived in the mail for me. Kent Monkman is an internationally recognized Indigenous Canadian artist whose work has been displayed in galleries across North America. His art pieces tell the story of the relationship between Canada’s Indigenous people and colonizing settlers in unique and graphic ways.

In September of 2019 an exhibition of Kent Monkman’s work called Shame and Prejudice opened at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. This exhibit was hugely popular and it meant I was very busy working as one of the tour guides for the thousands of visitors. Some days I was giving three tours back to back. You can read about that in my post Memorable Final Day.

I wrote many blog posts about the exhibit.

One installation I photographed and wrote about was called Starvation . In it Monkman graphically depicts the way the Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A MacDonald purposefully starved Indigenous people in Canada in order to get them to move off their ancestral lands so the government could build a railway across the country.

The Starvation exhibit area in the Kent Monkman show at the WAG.

When Shirley Madill was writing her biography about Kent Monkman, she sent me a request to use one of my photos in her book. Since the Winnipeg Art Gallery is my employer I asked their permission to share the photo. A colleague on the collections and exhibitions staff suggested I ask for a free copy of the book in return for the use of my photo. So I did.

This week the book arrived.

And there was my photo on page 100.

And my photo credit on page 101.

I was pretty excited!

One of the interesting things about writing this blog is that I have often been asked to have my photos used in other places. You can read about some of them in my post My Photos Find New Homes.

These connections have made it possible for some of my photos to be shared with a wider audience and have enriched my learning and my life.

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