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Answers Please

Yesterday I posted black and white photos and invited you to guess what they were and where they were taken.  Here are the answers. 

1.provencher bridge winnipegThe Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg. 

2. creature black sands beach big island hawaii
Leather sea urchin on a black sand beach on the Big Island in Hawaii

3. Version 2Pasta for sale at a farmers’ market in Quebec City

4. jantz family first house in drakeThe first home my maternal grandmother’s family lived in when they immigrated to Saskatchewan from Kansas.

casa guadi
Tower on a house designed by Gaudi in Barcelona

6. statue of leda and the swan singaporeStatue of Leda and the Swan by Botero on the waterfront in Singapore

7. stumbling stones in frankfurt
Stumbling stones in Frankfurt marking the site of a home where a family lived that was murdered in the Holocaust.

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