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On the Boardwalk and Walking to the Tip of Canada

During our time in Ontario I spent an afternoon at Point Pelee National Park.  In honor of Canada’s 150th birthday the park is free to all visitors throughout the year. I was accompained by my daughter-in-law and sister-in-law as we walked the entire length of a board walk that takes you out across a large marsh. We heard many birds, saw beautiful water flowers and my daughter-in-law spied a painted turtle resting on a lily pad. I learned from the signage along the boardwalk that wetlands like the Pelee Marsh help to prevent water shortages and curb global warming.  Canada is home to 25% of the world’s wetlands. 

I also learned the marsh’s stands of cat tails, are like nature’s supermarket providing nourishment and shelter for many different kinds of creatures.  Insects hibernate in the cat tails’ hollow stems in winter and the cat tails’ roots, shoots and seeds provide muskrats, ducks and geese with food. From the top of the tall tower at the end of the marsh you can get a beautiful birds-eye view of the wetland. One of the flowers we saw blooming profusely in the marsh was the swamp rose. Later we hiked down to the tip of Point Pelee, the southern most point on Canada’s mainland. I had a relaxing and energizing afternoon in a beautiful setting with two women it’s great to spend time with. What could be better? 

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Treking to the Tip of Canada

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