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A Passport of Her Own?

grandma-and-grandpa-schmidt-passportA treasure I found while helping my aunt move recently was my grandparents’ passport from 1945. It was interesting to note that my grandmother did not have a passport of her own but traveled on my grandfather’s passport. My grandmother is simply known as wife on the passport and no profession is given for her even though my grandfather’s farming enterprise could hardly have survived without her many contributions.

When my Mom and her sisters were in their early twenties they accomapined their parents on a trip to Kansas.

When my Mom and her sisters were in their early twenties they accompanied their parents on a trip to Kansas.

My aunt says my grandparents never traveled outside of North America but in 1945 my grandparents and their three daughters did make a trip to visit relatives in Kansas so Grandpa may have thought they should have a passport for that.

Both my grandparents immigrated to Canada from the United States as teenagers and for their honeymoon in 1917 they traveled to California and Kansas to visit relatives.  They did not go back to the United States till 1945 when they took their daughters to meet all their American relatives.  passportThe passport states that my grandfather only became a Canadian citizen in 1941. This was long after my grandfather immigrated to Canada in 1907 and nearly 25 years after he married Grandma in 1917.  I wonder why he stayed an American citizen so long. 

One other interesting fact I discovered from my grandparents’ passport is that they both had blue eyes and my grandfather was nearly a foot taller than my grandmother. 

I am glad my aunt kept my grandparents’ passport all those years.  It has helped me to learn more about them. 

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My Nephew! My Hero!

“Did you bring your passport?” Dave asked me after we’d been driving for about 90 minutes. I couldn’t believe it! I had totally forgotten my passport! I’d never even thought of it once as I packed for our trip. We planned to spend a couple of days at Moose Lake with my brother Mark and his wife and then cross the border at South Junction to head to Bemidji, Minnesota where Dave would play in a ball tournament. I would need my passport. 

When we arrived at the cottage my sister-in-law Kathy mentioned their son Dylan was in Winnipeg registering for his university classes and planned to head out to the lake the following day.  I called him.  Could he pick up a set of spare house keys from my daughter-in-law and then go to our condo and get my passport to bring along with him the following day? 

dylan and me“Sure,” he said.  It was nearly midnight by the time he could arrange a rendezvous to pick up the keys but he headed right over to our place and found my passport. The next day he brought it out to the cottage with him and I was able to make the trip to Bemidji.  Thanks so much Dylan! You are my hero!

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