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Great Actors -Great Parents

A mother is furious with her son. He is dating a Caucasian American woman instead of one of the many eligible Pakistani girls she’s picked out for him. He’s confessed to his family that his Muslim faith feels meaningless. He’s announced that instead of becoming the lawyer his parents have always dreamed he would be, he’s off to New York City to pursue a career as a stand up comedian. The mother is so mad she stops speaking to her son and says he is no longer part of their family. 
However…………. as he is packing his van to head off to New York his parents pull up in their car. His father gets out and walks over to hand his son a container of food saying something like ….  “Here is food to eat as you travel.  Your mother has made your favorite dish with extra potatoes just the way you like it.” The father goes on. “Your mother will not let me hug you but she would like you to text her when you get to New York so she knows you’ve arrived safely.”

The Pakistani parents are played by Anupam Kher and Zenobia Shroff .

I laughed out loud. Despite her grand show of disowning her son and being furious with him she still loves him and is concerned for his safety and well being. 

The American parents are played by Holly Hunter and Ray Ramano.

The highlight of the movie The Big Sick for me was definitely watching the parents of the films’ two main characters, a Pakistani comedian and a female psychology student.  The woman’s parents are quirky, straightforward and in crisis mode, but they obviously love their daughter desperately just as the young man’s parents love their son. This is a movie worth watching just to see four great actors do an excellent job of portraying parents in such a realistic and heart warming way. 

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Fences and Legacies

fences“You are just like your father.”  Rose the mother in the movie Fences says this to her son Cory when he comes home from the Marine Corps to attend his father’s funeral.  Although Cory admits his abusive, alcoholic, unfaithful father’s shadow has always haunted him it is hard for him to accept he may have inherited any of his qualities. And yes his father Troy does have some good qualities. At the start of the movie you rather like Troy despite his non-stop verbiage that hardly lets anyone get a word in edgewise.  Troy obviously loves his wife, works hard, has friends and stands up for himself. 

Rose wants her son Cory to understand that no matter how much we might wish to be different than our parents, and no matter how much our parents might wish us to be different than them, we still inherit genes from our parents and learn certain attitudes towards life from them, and are influenced heavily by the environment in which they raise us. We cannot help but be shaped by them. It is just part of our human legacy. Of course we can try to change certain things about that legacy and not pass on the determential parts to the next generation.  Troy has three children and in the last scenes of the movie we see them interacting with each other in ways that are very different than the way their father interacted with them. It is clear they have also been influenced by Rose and their own life experiences. 

We saw the movie Fences last night and it is chock full of important themes and ideas. But the thing I am still thinking about this morning is that idea of parental legacy.  How has it effected my life and what have I done, and will I do, with that legacy? 

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Thanks Mom and Dad

At my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebrations at the beginning of May we children ended our readers theatre and slide show by thanking our parents for the many things they had done for us. Of course we couldn’t include all the things we are grateful for but we mentioned some key things. We thanked Mom and Dad for………

Providing a warm and supportive family atmosphere and being such good role models for us by………

remaining faithful and committed to each other through good times and bad

 investing time and effort to maintain good relationships with their own siblings 

and in doing so teaching us the value and importance of a close family. 

 planning and paying for family trips where we could all enjoy each others company

accepting each one of us for who we are

and appreciating our uniqueness and individuality

putting so much effort into recognizing and celebrating family birthdays

maintaining the cottage for so many years

It has remained a stable meeting place 

for us

and for our children

 hosting holiday gatherings that included traditions like Scripture reading, music making, prayer, gift giving and great meals

teaching us the value of hard work

and doing our best

being supportive grandparents their grandchildren could count on

for love and care

giving us the assurance our family will always be there for us

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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