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Best Laid Plans

cover-with-Canada-Reads-winner-badgeBest Laid Plans was recommended by my brother-in-law Paul and what a great recommendation it was.
This is the perfect book to read if you are feeling disillusioned with the whole political process. We are introduced to colourful Angus McLintock. He enters a Canadian election as a reluctant candidate but manages to maintain his principles and moral fortitude despite all the wheeling and dealing and corruption that typically goes on in politics.
Author Terry Fallis is a former Liberal advisor and government communications consultant and his intimate insider knowledge of Ottawa and Parliament is clearly evident in Best Laid Plans. Best of all this book is funny!  The characters are unique and interesting and there are plot twists you don’t expect. There’s even a little romance.

I’ve just discovered CBC has made a television series based on Best Laid Plans and you can watch the Season One episodes for free right here.  I’ve already finished the first episode.

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