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Feeling Sad About Odessa

Reading yesterday about the violence  in Odessa  made me incredibly sad. Odessa is such a beautiful place and I remember what a wonderful time we had there a few years ago. 

coffee in the park odessa

Coffee in a park while planning our walking tour

chickens for sale odessa

Outdoor market selling live chickens

night at the opera Le Boheme

Night at the Opera Le Boheme in Odessa

military men odessa

Military men on leave in Odessa

bakery odessa

What to have for breakfast in Odessa? Tough decision.

by the sea odessa

Dave after dipping his toe in the Black Sea in Odessa

wax museum odessa

Posing with Russian author Pushkin at the Wax Museum in Odessa

beautiful bride in odessa

Beautiful bride in Odessa

odessa sun bathers

Sunbathers in Odessa

opera house odessa

Walking to the Opera House in Odessa

public art odessa

Lovely public art on the streets of Odessa

restaurant odessa

Enjoying grilled vegetables and chicken with lavash bread layered with pickles and cabbage

Odessa the centre of everything

Odessa from which roads lead everywhere in the world

Hopefully, Odessa will return to a state of peace soon and visitors and citizens alike will be able to enjoy the beauty and charm of the city once again.

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