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Remembrance Day Through My Camera Lens

sai wan war cemetery hong kong

The Sai Wan War Cemetery in Hong Kong where many Canadian soldiers are buried. 

isaiah 2:4 at the united nations in new york city

Swords into plowshares wall at the United Nations in New York. 

atomic bomb dome hiroshima

Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima Japan


Conscientious Objector Memorial Wall in Winkler Manitoba

the disappeared paul epp ukraine

The Disappeared a statue in Zaporozhye Ukraine. It commerates the nearly 30,000 Mennonites who died in the 1930s in Ukraine due to famine, war, execution, overwork in prison labor camps or being sent into exile in Siberia

guide showing land mines cambodia

Tour guide at a land mines museum in Cambodia. He lost his arm to a landmine 

stumbling stones in frankfurt

Memory stones for Holocaust victims in the sidewalk in Frankfurt Germany


 Wars- Dread of Mothers painted by George Roualt nine years after World War I when his country of France was already involved in two new wars one in Congo and another in Lebanon. Seen at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. 

arizona memorialA memorial for the 1,177 men on board the Arizona when it sank during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. aida camp palestineWoman in a Palestinian refugee camp near Bethlehem

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