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A Published Novel! Can You Believe It?

Signing the contract for my book in June

My novel tentatively titled  Lost on the Prairie will be published in the spring of 2021. I signed a contract with Heritage House Publishing in June.  I am so incredibly excited to write that!  The manuscript has been a five-year project! 

Last week Heritage House began working with me on the marketing plan for the book and gave me permission to share the news about my upcoming book on social media.  

Here I am with Naomi one of the fascinating people I interviewed while I was researching my book.

In future blog posts, I want to tell you interesting stories about the process of doing the research for the book, and writing the story. I’ll introduce you to some of the terrific people who helped me along the way and fill you in on what is going on behind the scenes as I work together with Heritage House towards the book’s debut and launch. 

I’m going to send out a monthly newsletter where I will provide updates on the progress towards publication and share links to any stories I have written about the book. If you would like to receive that newsletter you can let me know with a message via any of my social media or at the e-mail address in the About section of my blog.

My story was inspired by something that happened to my grandfather Peter Schmidt.  That’s me in the photo with him.  My grandfather died as a result of a car accident when I was just seven years old so I didn’t get to know him very well.  Writing this story has made me feel closer to him. 

I got the idea for my novel from a line in a memoir written by grandfather’s sister Alma about the immigration journey her family made from Kansas to Saskatchewan by train in 1907.  The line said,……….. When the train arrived in Humboldt Pete’s car wasn’t there. Mom and Dad were sure worried!

I hope that whets your appetite to learn more about my novel.  I am excited that I will be able to share it with you and hopefully many other people of all ages.  I am also excited about sharing stories related to the book in the upcoming weeks and months. 

A published novel!  Can you believe it? 

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