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10 Nativity Scenes


Photographed at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

nativity scene by jennifer martens

Drawn and given to me by one of my grade four students

australia nativity

Photographed at the Museum of Sydney in Australia

nativity scene frankfurt

Photographed in the airport in Frankfurt Germany

nativity scene from 10,000 villages

My Christmas centrepiece from Mennonite Central Committees Ten Thousand Villages

straw nativity scene prague

Photographed in Prague Czech Republic

Photographed in Phoenix Arizona

Photographed in Phoenix Arizona


Drawn by one of my fifth-grade students in Hong Kong

Photographed from a curriculum I authored for Faith and Life Press. Artwork by Denny Bond.

To illustrate a story I wrote for Faith and Life Press. Artwork by Denny Bond.

copper image quebec city albert gilles

Photographed at Albert Gilles Copper in Quebec City


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