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Fruitvale Station- 8 Reasons To Like This Movie

220px-Fruitvale_Station_posterI liked this movie because……….

1) Even though I knew right from the start what was going to happen I was still completely engaged

2) We were given an honest view of the main character. He’s screwed up big time in life, making plenty of bad choices but he’s got a good heart and does kind and caring things for people too. We  feel empathy for him and his family.

3) It’s a ‘day in the life’ piece and by observing  Oscar Grant the protagonist for just one day we get to know him very well. Made me think about what people would learn about me from a day of observation.

4) It’s based on a true story. That’s scary and makes you think….Could this happen to me? 

5) We see how events in our past can come back to haunt us when we least expect them to

6) The main character’s mother is a woman of faith who prays with dedication for her children. She lets her children know she loves them but doesn’t hesitate to give them advice and be their conscience when they need it. 

7) After watching The Butler last week about the civil rights movement and seeing all the news reports about the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have  A  Dream speech this movie made me realize that sadly black people in America still face many disadvantages and challenges motivated by racial discrimination

8) The movie shows how technology may be a tool to bring about justice. Many people record the tragic incident in the Fruitvale train station on their phones and that helps to make sure charges are brought against the security official who used his gun. 

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