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What is It?

“I wonder when they will be unveiling this new statue?” I thought to myself when I first walked past Michel de Broin’s  sculpture Monument in the Jardin de sculptures de la Maison in St. Boniface. As I went up to get a closer look, I realized the statue wasn’t covered with a veil made from cloth waiting to be lifted.  The sheet draping the statue was granite. Reading the plaque near the artwork I found out de Broin deliberately created the statue with a classic monument motif  but didn’t define what it was. He wanted it to be an engima, a mystery waiting to be revealed. 



De Broin said the figure is to remain anonymous so that each person who looks at it can figure out on their own what it means and what it represents. I walked around to the back of the statue to see if that would help me to figure out what it could be? Two sisters standing side by side? Perhaps even nuns since St. Boniface was founded thanks to the efforts of the Grey Nuns who established schools and hospitals there. Did it represent the many faceless women whose contributions to history are seldom recognized? Could the statue be a mother and child–husband and wife–two friends? They are joined together so they must have some kind of connection.


In an interview de Broin said his sculpture was inspired by the painting les amoureux  with two veiled lovers kissing by Rene Magritte. I was almost sorry to read that because I preferred to use my imagination to speculate about the people under the drapery of the statue. The possiblities were endless. 
What next? I already did a post about Between Dog and Wolf one of the other sculptures in the St. Boniface Sculpture Garden. There are two more sculptures in the park and I’ll write about them in future posts.

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