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Food Rules

food-rules-illustrated-editIf you are like me you may have made a resolution to eat healthier in the new year.  Here I’ve illustrated six helpful rules from Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules. 

breakfast at sidewinder

Breakfasting at the Sidewinder Golf Club in Gold Canyon Arizona in 2015

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and eat supper like a pauper.  

women having coffee

Having a coffee at Winnipeg’s Parlour Cafe in 2013

Get your caffeine in natural ways from tea and coffee. 

bread vendor new york city

Bread Vendor in New York City in 2012

The whiter the bread the sooner you’re dead. 

meal with students at korean restaurant

Eating with some of our former Hong Kong students in Toronto 2012

Try not to eat alone.

dad and his tomato plants

My Dad with harvest from his tomato crop in 2006

Eat mostly plants. 

enjoying an ice cream cone

Dave having ice cream on a food tour in Toronto 2012

Avoid foods with sugar as one of the top three ingredients.

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Food Rules

Since coming back to Canada I’ve been struggling to keep my weight down to what it was in Hong Kong where eating Asian cuisine and walking to work, up and down stairs to my classroom and office and to and from public transportation made it fairly easy to maintain healthy numbers on the scale. Recently I spent an hour or so looking through Michael Pollan’s latest  beautifully illustrated book which details 83 rules for healthy eating. 

Pollan is the best-selling author perhaps most well- known for his nutrition advice to Eat Food. Not Much. Mostly plants. Many of the 83 rules in his latest book are easy to remember and make a lot of sense to me. I especially like these……. 

1. Do most of your shopping in the outside aisles of the store where they usually keep the fresh stuff. Stay away from those inside aisles. This makes it easier to follow another Pollan rule- never eat things that have more than 5 ingredients on the label. 

 2. Get your caffeine from natural sources like coffee and tea rather than from products that have had the caffeine put in them in a factory. Here my brother Mark and I enjoy a cup of coffee at one of Hong Kong’s Pacific Coffee houses. 

3. This picture of a salad I ordered at the Quattro Leoni restaurant in Florence Italy reminds me of the Pollan rules to a) eat leaves b) order small portions c) buy small plates for your cupboards

4. I took pictures of these loaves of bread in Hiroshima which remind me of the Pollan rule The Whiter the Bread the Sooner You’re Dead.

5. Although Pollan advises to make water your beverage of choice he also thinks it is a good idea to have wine with your supper. This picture of Dave and me eating in a restaurant in Italy also reminds me of the Pollan rule to never eat alone. 

6. This picture of my Dad and my father-in-law making a Mennonite dessert called rollkuchen for our 25th wedding anniversary reminds me of Pollan’s rule to cook things yourself rather than buy them in the store and to “treat treats as treats.” 

8. I took this picture in Halong Bay in Vietnam. This mother and daughter’s colorful boat of fruits and vegetables reminds me of the Pollan rule to eat foods of different colors. 

9. This photo of my Dad in his vegetable garden reminds me of two Pollan rules. Only eat foods that will eventually rot and it is better to eat what stands on one leg (plants)  than eating what stands on two legs (f0wl) but that is better than eating what stands on four legs (mammals).

10. When Dave and I stayed at the Melba House Bed and Breakfast in the Blue Mountains of Australia our hosts Marion and Trevor served us sumptuous four course breakfasts. It reminds me of Pollan’s rule to Breakfast like a King, Lunch Like a Prince and eat supper like a Pauper.  

There are lots more great Pollan rules for healthy eating- like eat slowly, eat when you are hungry not when you are bored and love your spices. Finding pictures from my files to illustrate the rules in this blog post proves to me that I do know the rules. Now I just need to buckle down and follow them!


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