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100,000 Nails- A Musical Mural

Toronto artist David Partridge used more than 100,000 nails to create a mural called Metropolis on the wall of the lobby of Toronto’s City Hall. Just as a city is made up of many different people so too the mural is made from nails of different sizes, shapes and materials. The mural has nine panels each weighing 180 kg. The centre using copper nails represents the heart of the city. The next concentric circles represent the suburban regions and then the circles move on to show the more treed areas outside the city. 

If you drop a coin into the mural near the top it will find a path through the maze of nails down to the bottom and create a beautiful musical sound on its way. As we were leaving City Hall a large group of visitors were all sending coins through the mural and it made a kind of lovely metallic symphony. 

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