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Gift from God

I found a key chain in my Dad’s desk when I helped him move. I hadn’t seen it before but it must have belonged to my mother because her name is on it. Dad doesn’t remember where it came from but he said I could have it. I never knew my Mom’s name meant ‘Gift from God’  or ‘Gift of the Gods’ but after finding the key chain I looked it up and indeed that’s what it means. It is a name of Greek origin and was one of the ten most popular names for girls between 1904 and 1940. My Mom Dorothy Marie was born in 1925.

My Mom at her granddaughter’s graduation

The meaning of my Mom’s name is very appropriate because she was indeed a gift from God to many people, but most especially to her family. Mom was a great listener, she forgave easily, loved unconditionally and her support and encouragement was something her children and grandchildren knew they could count on.
I’ve put Mom’s keychain on my ring of keys now. I have many things in my house to remind me of my Mom but the key chain will be something I can take with me wherever I go.

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