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My Globe Trotting Parents

When I was at my Dad’s yesterday he mentioned that his big map of the world was definitely something he wanted to move over to his new assisted living apartment.  He wondered if there would be room for it.  I assured him we would find a place. We gave the map to my parents in 2000 as a Christmas gift and they bought dozens of these little coloured pins and marked all the places in the world they had visited.  And there were plenty!  Mom and Dad travelled extensively.  Their trips usually had some service or learning component.  

After I was already married and attending university my parents travelled to Holland with the rest of my siblings and an aunt and uncle and their daughter.  

Dad and Mom spent considerable time in mainland China where Dad was a visiting lecturer at medical universities.

Dad and Mom took my two brothers to Haiti where Dad did a short term assignment as a doctor for Mennonite Central Committee.  

Dad did similar medical stints in Cambodia and Paraguay. 

Mom and Dad travelled to the Middle East and to Africa.  

Dad went on a trip with his father to the Soviet Union. 

Mom went on a trip with her sister to Belize. 

Mom and Dad came to visit us when we lived in Hong Kong. 

They went to Hawaii and Mexico for medical conventions. 

Mom and Dad came to visit us when we lived and worked on the Hopi First Nation in Arizona. 

We went on a trip with them to Disneyworld in Florida. 

Mom and Dad took our whole family on a ski trip to Banff. 

And then, of course, there were all the Christmas and summer trips when we were kids to visit our grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins in Saskatchewan. 

And family summer vacations to Expo 67 in Montreal, to Flin Flon Manitoba, to California, to the Grand Canyon and to the Black Hills. 

Sometimes people wonder why my siblings and I all like to travel so much.  Mmmmmm  I wonder who might have been our role models? 

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